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Wealth Transfer in America, Tied to Embassy Move to Jerusalem – P.M. Netanyahu Addresses CUFI, DC Summit


LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) It is so exciting to see the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu taking his time to greet Pastor Hagee and all the exuberant supporters of Israel who took part in this year’s CUFI Annual Summit in Washington D.C. As is customary to the optimism and encouragement to the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Netanyahu wasted no time expressing his deep gratitude for the United States of America and the close bonds its citizens share with the citizens of Israel. “The millions and the many millions in the United States, and elsewhere, the Christian friends in Israel, you are always there for us. We have no better friends on Earth than you.”

The Prime Minister recalls that fateful day when all the Israelis heard the news that the Temple Mount was in their hands and the Jewish people were able to travel to the Western Wall for the first time and place their hands on the stones that were so precious to their heritage, and their lives. “I remember that when we touched those stones, we felt that we were connecting with the very core of our history. I know that when you visit Israel, when you come to Jerusalem, you feel that same connection.”

As he highlights this remarkable memory, he addresses how the Temple Mount is in the center of religious controversy, and how many have perceived the state of Israel falsely. The Prime Minister shares about the deep culture within Israel that stands out amidst all of its neighbors in the region.

“The only place where you have religious freedom guaranteed is Israel. The only place where you have Christian communities throughout the Middle East, the only place that they thrive, that they grow, that they not only survive, but they have a future, that place is Israel…Israel represents the freedom that we all cherish.”

The Prime Minister describes a common misconception about why so many in the region hate Israel. But, it is not for the reason that many would think. “They used to say that the Militant Islamists hate the West because of Israel. It’s actually the other way around, they hate Israel because of the West.” He continues to describe the values that are loathed so much within the society of Israel. “Because we represent the free society built on the foundation of Judeo-Christian heritage. This is the society that they despise so much. Israel is the bull work of freedom in the heart of the Middle East.”

The Prime Minister deeply shares his heart as he extends his genuine thanks for everyone that stands for Israel. “I want to tell you that we appreciate your support. I want to tell you, that when I look around the world, there is real meaning to what I said before. When I say that we have no greater friends than the many, many millions of Christian supporters of Israel in the United States and also in other parts of the world, I mean it. I know you’ve always, always stood with us.”

This is such an uplifting and encouraging moment to see so many supporters of Israel gathered in one place, and to see the Prime Minister deeply sharing his heart of gratitude for our support. It is important to remember that God watches over Israel. If you have not yet joined Christians United for Israel (CUFI), take the time to join their impactful organization. See the full conversation and prayers for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Ministers full comments, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Israel, CUFI Annual Summit, Pastor John Hagee, Radical Islam, Militant Islamists, religious freedom, and prayer. 
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