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1st Time in 100+ Years, Trump Gives Proclamation of Prayer for America – Hurricane Harvey


LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) What is additionally encouraging is to see how God has used President Trump to bring prayer back into the White House. In response to the devastating crisis of Hurricane Harvey, President Trump has signed a Day of Prayer Proclamation for those effected by Hurricane Harvey and for the Nation. With faith leaders surrounding the President in the Oval Office, he asks them for their input and any words they would like to share. As one man begins, he highlights the importance and significance of this monumental event.

“Mr. President, I think it goes without saying, that in a moment like this, we all come together as Americans. We all bow to Almighty God. We ask for His grace and His mercy over those who are effected, and we thank you, the Vice President, and your entire team; FEMA, everything you’re doing to deploy every resource of government to help those effected. And, most of all, Mr. President, we thank you for acknowledging, that ultimately, it is God that is the source of our unity as Americans. Thank you for issuing this proclamation.”

Additionally, as everyone was able to share their words, President Trump turns to Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress to pray for the President and the nation. In response, faith leaders lean in, laying their hands on the President as they all agree in prayer.

This is such an encouraging moment to see God’s established leadership in the land acknowledging all members of faith and welcoming the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ in the White House in a powerful demonstration of prayer. This is an answer to our prayers! Continue to lift up the President, his entire family, team, cabinet, and all of those around President Trump, that he would have ears to hear the voice of the Lord. See the full events unfold in the Oval Office, as well as the entire words in the President’s Proclamation, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Hurricane Harvey, power of prayer, hope, encouragement, The White House, President Trump, Trump Administration, and Texas. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.
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