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Christianity’s AMAZING Impact on Women, Education, and Government


LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) When we look across the landscape of the world, we are seeing Christians persecuted at an increasing amount as never before seen in history. In North Korea, Christians experience unimaginable suffering and hardship under the North Korean regime. It’s important to remember that God hears each and everyone of their cries, for their labors for the Kingdom are not in vain. North Korea’s capitol city was not always as seen today. For instance, in the 1940’s, it was known as the “Jerusalem of the East”. Today’s reality of North Korea underscores the effects of what happens when we remove Christianity from society. When we look at America, Christianity has had a tremendous impact on various aspects of culture. By looking at just a few, we can see how profoundly Christianity has paved the way for what we see today.

According to Impact 360 Institute, Christianity has deeply affected the education in Western society.  As Jesus spent time with his disciples, who then imparted what Jesus taught them to others, the role of teachers has been passed on through the generations. “Christians founded 106 of the first 108 universities in the U.S.”. Furthermore, the ideas found in our education system, such as” Tax-Supported Public Schools, Kindergarten, Grade Levels, Secondary Schools, Education for the Deaf and the Blind” were all implemented through Christian values.

In America, women experience equality and freedom when likened to their male counterparts. It is not always the same in other parts of the world. Why is this? When we look at women across the world, we can see clearly how Christianity has had profound affects. First, looking at the culture that Jesus was born into, provided its own issues. During that time, women were considered “socially and intellectually inferior. They were not permitted the same rights, privileges, and freedoms that men enjoyed. And, in Jewish culture, women were not permitted to speak in public.”  When we look at how Jesus interacted with women in this era, we see that He transcended the expectations of culture. “Not only did he stand against the anti-female culture of His day, He also set a new standard of kindness, compassion, and respect.” It was because of this revolutionary example that we see the involvement of women in the early Church. It cannot be overlooked that in Saudi Arabia, women have just recently been permitted to drive a car.

It is so important that we understand the virtues of freedom and love. When we truly love other people, we will allow them to live in freedom as God created them to be. We will not oppress them. Countries like China are also experiencing harsh treatment for those who are Christians. With China being a Communist country, Christianity is simply not allowed. Socialism has its own comparable oppressive history. As the Church, we must remember that God has called us to GO into all the world. Be encouraged as you see just a handful of extraordinary advances and breakthroughs that have taken place throughout the history of Christianity, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: women’s rights, Christian colleges, Holy Spirit, Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, oppression, Saudi Arabia, persecuted Church, persecution of Christians, and 7 Mountains of Culture. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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