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Christians Are Not Perfect they are Forgiven


Greg, Pat and John talk about the beginning days of becoming a Christian. The desire of the enemy is for us to believe the lie that we have to be perfect and then feel self-defeated when we understand that we are not. While in college, Greg remembers a pin that one of his classmates was wearing, “Christians aren’t perfect. They’re forgiven.” This is such a powerful truth that reminds us that all men are sinners and all need God. Before coming to Jesus Christ, sin is enjoyable and one would look for ways to enjoy it. After coming to Jesus Christ, a believer feels bad about it. Religion causes the belief that we are saved by our works, by what we do. When we leave all of that, and receive Jesus into our lives as Lord and Savior, leaving our life of sin, the Bible shares how God reacts and celebrates to that. Continue Reading…

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