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#SuccessSecrets – T.D. Jakes, God Wants You to Succeed where You Work, Play, and Live; In LIFE


LISTEN NOW! Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM! Some may think that success is something that other people can experience. Jesus Christ wants all of us to experience the fullness of this life. When recently speaking to CBN News, Bishop T.D. Jakes shared some of the principles that he has learned in life. “Christ didn’t say that ‘I have come so that you might have church’. He said, ‘I’ve come so that you might have life, and have that life more abundantly’”. Some may categorize this as a prosperity gospel message, but Jakes continues. “I’m not trying to make people rich. This is not a prosperity preaching message. This is about empowering people to accomplish that dream.”

Many people are wanting to know, is there a better way to do ‘church’? How do I get promoted in the workplace? How do I raise my children? How do I affect media? There is a mountain of culture that God has created you to impact and make a difference. This is what VFNKB is all about. We want to empower you to make an affect and difference where God has called you to. Do these truths empower you? Do they speak to the many questions and longings that you have desired in your life? We want to hear from you. Share with us the desires that God has put in your heart to make a difference in our world.

See the full conversation about these important words of wisdom from Bishop T.D. Jakes, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: CBN News, life lessons, wisdom, impacting the 7 mountains of culture, how do I raise my children? how do I get promoted? what does it mean to live a life of influence?, and life management. Greg and John shared in this segment.




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