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CHURCH, DEEP LOOK AT HARD TRUTHS; 4,000 Salesman Close 100 Sales considered a Failure, Francis Chan

It is important that we evaluate whatever it is that we are doing; especially when it is for the Lord. We don’t want to continue in whatever we are doing only the find out at the end that our efforts were not producing the outcomes we were desiring. This is exactly what Francis Chan shares as he talks about what he has experienced taking place in the Church.

Chan describes the tremendous growth that he witnessed after starting a church out of his home. Thousands of people were gathering, and a college was even started through this growth. But something happened along the way that slowed the growth. “We just got stuck after a while because there was no room to grow…and I found people that were there that had been there forever that were taking no steps of faith”. As Chan continues, he points out that this is why Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit, to empower us to witness to the lost. “And that’s why it drives you nuts when you know you’re chickening out.” It was this understanding that caused Chan to look at what was taking place.   Initially, he was seeing growth that more than doubled. “When we had 40 people and we grew to 400, I thought that’s awesome”. He witnessed the same level of growth when 400 grew to 4,000. Chan uses a simple business analogy to explain the success of this growth. “400 salesmen and we grew…they each made 10 sales.” But this is where the growth changed. “But now I have 4000 salespeople and that is a huge cost.” Chan continues, “4000 staff, and we make maybe 100 sales. That’s failure.” He then presents the sobering reality that would take place in the business world. “I mean you would fire someone with an army that big…”   When we read Scripture, does our life line up with the commands and expectations that are written? According to George Barna, the American Church is spending $1.3 Million per baptized believer. What we are presently witnessing in America is a “come to my church” mindset versus a “go out into all the world and make disciples”. This is a “come-ye” church versus a “go-ye” church. Being the Church is not as complicated as the enemy has made it out to be.   God has called us to be family; to be fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. The enemy has attacked family. God has called us to be part of His family. God wants you to tell everyone about Him. Do you see this same paradigm in the American Church? What are your thoughts about how church is carried out? We want to hear from you. See the full conversation about this important matter happening within the Church, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Francis Chan, Church growth, Vine Seminars, Charles Simpson, Ants Vines and Churches, George Barna, evangelism, the Great Commission, and eternity. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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