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LISTEN NOW! Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM! The Benham Brothers have been impacting those around them since they were both professional athletes in Major League Baseball. Since transitioning out of professional baseball, the Benham Brothers have launched numerous businesses ranging over a myriad of industries. When one looks at their life and business success, one may wonder how they got to where they are.
Speaking about their upbringing, they point out their father was a pastor who raised them with Biblical principles. “As former professional athletes, and as businessmen one thing that we learned from our dad that was the most important lesson, was to be Biblical thinkers.” According to this dynamic duo, it was this focus on what the Bible teaches that they began to learn four simple principles that they apply to every spectrum of their lives.
“Number one, to be faithful in the little things. Number two, to breathe life. Number three, to produce more in value than you receive. And, number four, to be a fountain and not a drain.” They continue to share the story of how their entrepreneurial journey started in Real Estate and now have companies that reach overseas. “For my brother and I to take credit for building successful businesses would be like a shovel taking credit for digging a hole. We were just the tools God chose to use to get the job done.”
This is so powerful. It matters how we handle the little things in life. How can God entrust us with more in this world if we are being careless with what He has presently entrusted to us? When we consider the words that we speak every day, it matters if we are speaking hope over those around us and over the situations in our lives, versus speaking complaints and negativity. How we carry ourselves in business, and in every relationship matters. We should never seek to be satisfied with simply 100%, but to deliver beyond what is expected. How do people feel when you show up? Do you bring hope into a room; or a tangible negativity? How does this encourage you? Share with us your thoughts on these important business and life principles.See the full story about the Benham brothers, how these principles carry over into every arena of life, and so much more. Also shared in this segment; Major League Baseball, MLB, Benham Brothers, relationships, the Kingdom of God, speaking life, Kingdom Impact, entrustments, faithfulness, and encouragement. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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