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The MORE Blessed People are the LESS Children They Have-Bill Gates



“What we found out, is that as health improved families choose to have less children,” says Bill Gates. Isn’t it amazing that as people get healthier they choose to have less babies? This was proven all over the world! With success, with blessings, and with technology people are being such a lover of themselves by choosing to not have children. As 2 Timothy 3:1-2 says, “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves.”

In the United States since Roe V Wade was passed population has dropped dramatically and only because of immigration has the United States kept a small level of population growth. Then if you at look Japan, their population level has dropped so dramatically that by 2030 they won’t be surviving as a nation. For the first time since the government started keeping track more than a century ago, there were fewer than 1 million births last year, as the country’s population fell by more than 300,000 people. The blame has long been put on Japan’s young people, who are accused of not having enough sex, and on women, who, the narrative goes, put their careers before thoughts of getting married and having a family.
People all over the world are choosing money over family and because of this families are falling apart. Family is worth it! We need to rediscover family. Also shared in this segment, working women, tax, marriage, selfishness. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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