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Every Christian is a Minister: Good Works Prepared in Advance- It Takes Us All



Do you feel like you are called to be in the ministry? Maybe you feel it is limited to preaching on Sundays in a church building? When you look at Jesus’ life and ministry He just loved people and served them where they were at. We are called to be ministers in our daily life! You can pastor your neighborhood, give clothes or food to someone in need, and even minister at your workplace. Ministry is not limited to being behind a pulpit on Sundays. We can love others just like Jesus did with our everyday lives. Imagine if all Christians just decided to pastor their neighborhood? This could change America! As a business person, you can love your employees by taking care of them! Recognize things in their life and take an interest in them as a person. There are so many areas that you can pastor your community and love people. We are expected to walk out love where God has placed us. Be encouraged by this, that where God has you now is a place where you can minster to others now! We want to hear from you and what you think about this truth, that every Christian is a minister. Also shared in this segment: District, Police Officer, Google, Server, Banker, Money. Greg, Pat, and John shared in this segment. 

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Revelation 2:20-21

John 15:13

Luke 24:13-35

Matthew 7:21-23


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