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Transitioning from Warning to Harvest TIME the Best Days for the Church are Ahead!




We join Greg and John as they discuss some healings that took place at Awakening Healing on the Gulf Coast. Many healings took place as people prayed for each other and many different types of miracles took place from irregular heartbeats to injured knees were healed. It was exciting to see all these healings happen! As a VFNKB partner, you can have access to this full conference. Visit VFNKB to become a partner and gain access to this encouraging conference if you are not already one! 

We need to prepare spiritually not only physically for the times that are coming to the Church. Rick Joyner shares that this is harvest time! We need to prepare for salvation and saving souls, and he believes that this is going to be the best of times for the Church. We will begin to see the “tilling” of men’s hearts just like we till the soil to prepare it for a great harvest. Maybe you have been ministering to people for years, and it seems like they aren’t changing. During this harvest time that is coming, you will begin to see those people turn to God.  The best days of the Church are coming! We want to hear from you and what your thoughts are on healings and the harvest of souls. Also shared in this segment: Discipleship, Small Groups, Art Thomas, Prophesy, Jim Bakker Show, Love, Preparation, Distractions, Bible Study, Bibles. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

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