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Speaking God’s Word in the Atmosphere Breaks Brass Heavens



God spoke to Pastor John Kilpatrick before the Brownsville Revival, and God said for him to speak into the heavens what God was telling him to speak and that God would change the atmosphere. At the time that Pastor Kilpatrick heard this word, Pensacola, Florida was the abortion capital of the world. Now after speaking into the heavens and having revival come to Pensacola, it is known as the revival capital of the world. It is important to speak out what God is saying to change the atmosphere of where we are! At VFNKB we are speaking words out into the atmosphere over the Gulf Coast and the world speaking out what God has told us to speak and we have seen many changes take place. We want to hear from you and what you think about the power of speaking into the atmosphere. Also shared in this segment: New Orleans, prayer, Great Awakening, abortion clinics, angels, Boston Marathon Bombing, and revival.

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John Kilpatrick Ministries
Pastor John Kilpatrick
When the Heavens Are Brass: Keys to Genuine Revival
The Brownsville Revival

Two Killed at Clinic in Florida
Murder of David Gunn
Emmaus Road Discipleship
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