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Teacher Gives Vulgar Awards to Students: Time for Education System to Work with Parents



We need to know what is taking place in our education system. Many schools are not working with parents, and because of this, we need to pray for the Education Mountain and for God’s Kingdom to come to our education system. We can do something about the things that are being taught in public schools and tell the leaders to stop teaching our children the subjects that are against God. And if they don’t change it, we can take our kids out of that school, and as more Christians do this, the education system will have to change so that they will have students to teach. Another change that can be made is that the parents should be asked about what is being taught so that the school leaders can get approval on what to teach. We can stand up for God and even if no one else stands up with us, we will know that we stood in faith for what is right.

A shocking thing took place at a public school. A drama teacher at Bellingham High had an award ceremony that included vulgar words, vulgar gifts, and a vulgar skit. This is minor compared to many of the things that our kids are seeing. The teacher wrote an apology, but nothing else happened to reprimand her for what she allowed to happen in her class. If the leadership in education will not make the changes that we need in our schools, then we have the power to vote for someone who represents our values and will make the changes that are needed. Be encouraged to be involved in the meetings at your local schools. Honor the leadership in place but do not be intimidated and speak out what is right. 

Another horrific event that took place because of a story that was accessed through tablets that the school gave to their students. The story is about the Slender Man which is a fictional character that has tentacles coming out of its back. It is a horror story, and in the story, you must kill someone to show your dedication to Slender Man. Two 12-year-old girls who attended this school in Wisconsin wanted to prove that slender man is real by carrying out that part of the story. The girls had a sleep over and had their “best friend” stay over, and the two girls stabbed their friend reportedly 19 times! One girl even said she had no remorse for stabbing her. There are many horrific things taking place in schools, and this is a strategy of the enemy to take over the schools with darkness. As Christians, we need to stand up for what is right and bring God back into our education system. We want to hear from you. Also shared in this segment: Constitution, School Shootings, ABC News, stabbing, Wikipedia, molech, zeus, AVG Family Safety and technology. Greg, Pat, and John shared in this segment.

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