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Home » WATCH! Dutch Sheets: Appeal to Heaven, Third Great Awakening

WATCH! Dutch Sheets: Appeal to Heaven, Third Great Awakening



Dutch Sheets: Appeal to Heaven, Third Great Awakening

As believers, if we want to know what God wants, we need to ask Him. When God reveals His heart to us, we can ask for the grace to handle what He is showing to us and we can respond correctly to what He is revealing to us. Greg shares prophetic dreams that Dutch Sheets shared at Church of His Presence. The dream was about two boxing gloves. One glove read Everlast, and one read Evergreen. Everlast represents that the dream is about the covenant between God and Abraham. Everlast means that God is outside of human time. The Evergreen glove represents an appeal to heaven that was made by George Washington when he made a covenant with one of the first nation tribes to stand together, and they made the covenant together in front of an evergreen. They buried weapons at the foot of an evergreen, which is where we get the saying “bury the hatchet.” Together they appealed to heaven because they could not have victory on their own. Because of this, the first flag that flew over the first colonies read An Appeal To Heaven, and it was written over an evergreen tree. Evergreen trees grow so slow that you will never see it grown in your lifetime which means that evergreen trees are planted for the next generation. Future generations live with our covenant with God! God has good things in store for America and we believe for the third great awakening to come soon. We need this awakening to come so that we can all be awakened and transformed into the Church that we are made to be and bring the lost into the light! We want to hear from you! Also shared in this segment: Church of His Presence, Mobile, Alabama, Dutch Sheets, Christ for the Nations, Hope, Adversity, Charles Seymore, Azusa Street Revival, Light, Darkness. Greg, Pat, and John shared in this segment.

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