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Home » God Loves His Church NOT Religion: We must Know the Difference

God Loves His Church NOT Religion: We must Know the Difference



A report is shared from The Guardian concerning the Church, and the title is, England’s Churches can Survive – but the Religion will Have to go. Religion is a form of godliness but no God. It is trying to mimic the Christian lifestyle without Christ. Who is your allegiance to? It is much easier to be the Church when religion is gone. George Barna asked a Pastor over a traditional Church in his book, Revolution, what would happen if you started preaching the Kingdom of God? The Pastor said that he would probably lose many of his members and that his peers would think less of him. No matter where we are we are one Church! It is time for us to be the Church. We answer to God alone, and we can find others who only have their allegiance to Jesus.

We need to get to the basics and not play church anymore. We need to love and care for each other. Maybe you are called to relate to VFN Dream Center and if you feel that call contact us! We want to hear from you. Also shared in this segment: religion, relationship, authenticity, Vine Seminars, England, The Guardian, Charles Finney, mega expression, doctrines of demons, and transformation. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

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England’s churches can survive – but the religion will have to go
George Barna – Revolution
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