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Ben Carson-Secretary of HUD Establishes Vision Centers to help Give the Poor Upward Mobility; Economically, Physically, Educationally, and Personally through Character and Leadership Development



Many young people seem to go through life with no vision. But now, Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, H.U.D., is building vision centers to help bring the skills and vision needed to today’s young people. These vision centers are named, EnVision Centers, and 17 counties in America will have an EnVision Center. The mission of these centers is to empower Americans to lead self-sufficient lives and the vision is to connect low-income households with a variety of resources and tools that offer pathways to economic opportunity and self-sufficiency.  Many terrible actions have been taking place through young people in America, the change will not come from throwing them in jail. Change will come by educating and giving a vision and a purpose to them! Everybody in America needs help including the parents of the young people! Parents were a child at some point and if they weren’t educated and given vision as a child they need help to get that even as an adult, so they can impart it to their children. Wisdom from Proverbs says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”  Dr. Carson found out by talking to young people that they did not have many choices of what to do for their career which helped him to see that they need help to get educated to have more choices of what they can do and get the vision they need. Within the EnVision Centers there are four goals named, Four Pillars of Opportunity: Economic Empowerment, Educational Advancement, Health and Wellness, and Character and Leadership. “All of this…normally occurs in a well-functioning healthy home environment but that does not necessarily exist for everybody. But as a society we can create that, we can make that happen and we can empower people because our whole ideal now with H.U.D. is not how many people we can get into programs but how many people we can get out of programs.” Vision is so powerful, we need a purpose and that helps us make good decisions.

Dr. Carson could have done anything, but he chose to serve us in America, we need to remember to pray for the President’s Cabinet because many wealthy people have chosen to serve Americans when they could have done anything! In America we have so much opportunity to succeed but we need to be educated to do that. Through this education and empowerment, we can impact the seven mountains of culture: business, family, faith, education, arts and entertainment, media, and government. In America we have a population of 330 million people and in other countries have a much higher population! China’s and India’s population is 1.3 billion people, which means that Americans need to be educated and empowered for America to stay a competitive nation. Nobody is trying to hold you back, we are trying to empower you! We are called to disciple the nations; love the people you encounter and trust God and then you will have influence in their lives. At VFNKB our goal is to empower you to impact the mountain of culture you are working in. Make sure to contact us and let us know what you think about EnVision Centers. Also shared in this segment: Alibaba, Workplace, Jack Ma, Minimum Wage, Social Media. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Description of EnVision Centers from HUD.Gov: “Under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump, the Administration is committed to reforming government services and expanding opportunities for more Americans to become self-sufficient. The EnVision Center demonstration will offer HUD-assisted families access to support services that can help them achieve self-sufficiency, thereby making scarce federal resources more readily available to a greater number of households currently waiting to receive HUD assistance. 

The EnVision Centers demonstration is premised on the notion that financial support alone is insufficient to solve the problem of poverty.  Intentional and collective efforts across a diverse set of organizations are needed to implement a holistic approach to foster long-lasting self-sufficiency.  EnVision Centers will provide communities with a centralized hub for support in the following four pillars: (1) Economic Empowerment, (2) Educational Advancement, (3) Health and Wellness, and (4) Character and Leadership.  The Economic Empowerment pillar is designed to improve the economic sustainability of individuals residing in HUD-assisted housing by empowering them with opportunities to improve their economic outlook.  The Education pillar seeks to bring educational opportunities directly to HUD-assisted housing and includes partnering with public and private organizations that approach education in non-traditional ways on non-traditional platforms.  The Health and Wellness pillar is designed to improve access to health outcomes by individuals and families living in HUD-assisted housing.  The Character and Leadership pillar is designed to enable all individuals and families residing in HUD-assisted housing, especially young people, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens by encouraging participation in volunteer and mentoring opportunities. 

Through results-driven partnerships with federal agencies, state and local governments, non-profits, faith-based organizations, corporations, public housing authorities (PHAs), tribal designated housing entities (TDHEs) and housing finance agencies, EnVision Centers will leverage public and private resources to help individuals and families living in HUD-assisted housing climb the ladder of opportunity. 

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report found collocating government services could be a more effective way of helping low-income Americans. EnVision Centers aim to break down the silos in government that perpetuate inefficiencies.” 

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