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WATCH! Dinesh D’Souza On the Important Role Believers Must Play Outside the Church, in the World Leveraging Our Platforms for the Kingdom





Dinesh D’Souza On the Important Role Believers Must Play Outside the Church, in the World Leveraging Our Platforms for the Kingdom

God has called believers to go into all the world and preach the good news! We are to go outside of the Church building and go to those who don’t know Jesus. Dinesh D’Souza, former President of The Kings College, answers a question concerning this issue in the Church.

A woman poses the question, “Liberals, they have their own sense of righteousness, their own sense of justice. It’s just very different from ours, and they have a real set of core principles. Our country has come so far, and the Church is utterly confused on even biblical values, a biblical worldview. I find it’s actually easier for me to talk to someone in the secular world than a pastor of a Church. Can you comment on the role of pastors of the Church in America? Because when I look at it, if we just had unity among ourselves we could take back our country.”

Dinesh answers, “I do think that the pastor in some ways today is in a difficult position in secular culture. Because pastors study the Bible, they go to divinity school. Yet sitting in their own pews are lots of people who are engineers, and scientists, are reading about the Higgs Boson and the God Particle, and this is not something that Pastors know anything about. They’re disconnected in some ways from the great explosion of knowledge in the world…I think there is an important task to be done, importing that kind of knowledge, either educating the pastors or creating short structures where non-Pastors can come in and address the ways in which Theological issues relate to economic issues, political issues, scientific issues, and so on. Otherwise, you are basically creating…Christians on Sunday and secular the rest of the week.”

This is so important because God has called us to go into the nations! Instead many believers are just going to a building to gather with believers on Sunday and the rest of their week is filled with darkness. God has called us to be a light wherever we are. We are to be a light for Jesus at work, at the grocery store, and with our family not only on Sunday. Jesus said, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” God wants to establish His Kingdom on earth, and God does it through His Ambassadors, believers. We can get caught up in what we are doing, being self-focused that we miss our opportunity to tell others about Jesus. God has blessed America, and we must use the freedom that we have to make disciples and to establish God’s Kingdom on earth as His Ambassadors!

Dinesh continues his remarks concerning today’s Church and culture. “While we have been focusing on our own lives, on our work and sometimes on elections which occur every 2 or 4 years, our political adversaries, this is the secular left, has been focusing on taking over all the major institutions of our culture. Remember our culture operates through megaphones, that’s how you get information out, one of the problems is that radical secularism owns most of the big megaphones in our culture today.” He talks about how many secular people can speak into people’s life from Hollywood to comedians, people are influenced by what is happening in our secular culture, especially young people. At VFNtv and VFNKB we are using our megaphone to broadcast the light! Dinesh continues, “Even if we (believers) have the best ideas, the best information, the true faith, we don’t have the ability to broadcast it out into secular culture. We can broadcast it in the Church, we can communicate to our own children, but in our culture, our voice is very, very dim… What is the presence of the Christian argument in non-Christian culture, very very thin…we are losing our kids to their side; we are not winning their kids to our side, it is kind of a one-sided hemorrhaging of our faith…” He goes on to say that Christianity now for many people is strange because they have not been raised with Christian values, and because of this it is our job to share our faith with those who are lost. Many believers think that the secular people with platforms have the final say, but we have the power in us to have the final say. He gives an example of how terrorists work. They are usually a small group of people and can wreak havoc on thousands of people!  “Think of what we…could accomplish if we set our minds to it to have influence we could accomplish a great deal…as Christians, it is time for us to STEP IT UP.

What if we decided as the Church to make this nation, America, God’s again? We can claim the nation for God again and start with our own family by getting on the right path with God. If you need to be discipled and if you need help with discipling others, the VFN Dream Center has Emmaus Road available for you to sign up for and be discipled and to be activated into the Kingdom of God! At VFNtv and VFNKB we are broadcasting the light to the world! Get connected to VFNKB; we want to connect with you and to help you be successful! Your success is our success, our success is your success, and our success together is Kingdom success. When we see anyone standing up for God and being a light in their mountain and using their platform, whether an actor or sports figure we can support them. We also have the pre-release of our book; I Will Fight: Strategies for Success, you can sign up for it at VFNKB, and you can partner with us today! By your partnering with us you can be a part of what VFNtv and VFNKB are doing, reaching the world and making disciples of the nations! We want to hear from you! You can email us at friends@greglancaster.org. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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