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Stunning Interview with Dr. Joe Martin: Authentic Conversation Regarding the Need to Minister to MEN



By looking around in our nation, it is easy to witness the gradual increasing narrative being spoken out over men that they are insignificant. The reality that each one of us should connect with is the importance of men. To touch the man is to touch his family, the community, the city, the state, and ultimately affect a nation. Dr. Joe Martin founder of Real Men Connect, a man who has spent more than 20 years in education, speaking to Fortune 500 companies, and reaching out to impact men, understands these truths as his life’s journey exudes these realities.

Greg interviews Dr. Martin and they are talking about the significance of men, and if you look at our culture today, it looks like men have been left out of the paradigm in America.

Dr. Martin shared some staggering statistics regarding what he has encountered and walked out in his life. If we look at ten men in the church, you may be surprised at the numbers that were found regarding balancing responsibilities, pornography, raising children and divorce. When it comes down to the reality of these statistics, he looks at accountability in each other’s lives. If these numbers are this bad in the Church, how bad are they for those outside of the Church?

Looking in the Bible, there were some profound men that God used; Solomon was the wisest man. Sampson was the strongest man, and David was described as a man after God’s own heart. The one thing that all these men have in common is that each of them failed. Each of them failed to have accountability in their lives.

Dr. Martin shares how after he gave his life to Jesus he moved to another city and left the accountability he had with other men. Once he left, things went downhill and, in the end,, his 16-year marriage ended in divorce, and he was all alone. But by God’s grace, he was led to a man of God that could help hold him accountable!

Regardless of who we are, we should have a Paul, a Timothy, and a Barnabas in our lives. A Paul is someone who has “been there before” and can lead us through life’s journeys and paths; a “Timothy” is someone that can learn from our lives and that we can pour into as well as a “Barnabas.” We need these kinds of relationships close in our lives that care more about our soul than our friendship and who will speak the truth in our lives.

Many experienced men are paralyzed at the thought of speaking into another man’s life, or guiding another person through hardship, because of not feeling adequate, because of the many failures, or whatever else the devil decides to use to lie to us. The reality is this: the simple truth that you have so many failures qualifies you as adequate to speak into another man’s life. If we do not have a Paul in our life, then it is for us to simply become one knowing the simple truth that it is God who will guide us along every path that he places us on. We want to hear from you! You can write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Greg and Joe shared in this segment.

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