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The Moravians teach us not just to stand for our Generation but for Generations to Come



How significant is standing in the gap? When we look at the Moravian people, we can see a people who stood in the gap. They were rejected by the “religious people” of that day, and they were only a small group of people and changed the world as we know and affected the globe!

The Moravians began in 1727 when this group joined together with men and women who knew that the flame of prayer should burn at the heart of their community. They prayed around the clock, and it lasted for 100 years! They sent out many missionaries through this group with some even selling themselves into slavery to further the Gospel of Jesus! They lived for others and created something that was passed to the next generations.

Are we willing to do the work it takes to have something to pass to the next generation versus only focusing on the here and now? Dutch Sheets has described this kind of action, like planting an evergreen tree. When you plant an evergreen tree, it is for the next generations! We don’t do these types of things for ourselves, or to receive the fruit for the future generations, but for generations to come. There are a people in this generation that are hungry and searching for the God of the Bible. In this critical hour, it is not for us to think about ourselves, but to be those who would advance the Kingdom for the cause of Christ by telling the nations about the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Let us choose today to live a selfless life and give our lives to the cause to tell everyone we can about Jesus! We want to hear from you, you can write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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