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What is the World View of Christians in America?



What is your worldview? Many don’t think about that, but so many people are trying to impact culture and to change other people’s worldview: some for good and some for bad. In universities and schools, many of our children are being taught their worldview through their teachers and professors. We should each have our worldview, and as believers, we need to have a Biblical worldview. Our worldview is the sum of life’s experiences and the choices that we decide to make in response to these experiences.

In a brief animation, Impact 360 Institute reveals how a couple can come together and agree on a myriad of casual topics, ranging from music, favorite foods, to the latest TV show episode. They can have two stark realities of what their personal worldview is. For instance, consider this thought-provoking question: what happens when you die? Is there life after death? For those that shake their heads at these possibilities, consider, again, this thought; “If life just ends at death, then everything we do or say comes to nothing. What meaning or purpose can our lives possibly have?” When two people begin a conversation, agreeing on casual conversations, the question of their worldviews may be what matters most. “A worldview is the set of lenses through which you see the world around you. It’s a web of habit-forming beliefs that help you make sense of all your experiences. Through your worldview, you interpret life in a particular way.”

How do you live your life? Do you live your life without seeking God’s counsel or without seeking someone’s advice who is walking with the Lord? Reported by the Barna Group, 70% of Christians who go to a secular university change their worldview. They leave their faith! Also, over 50% of Christians at a Christian university leave their faith! Why? Because they heard a wrong worldview. A view other than God being the Creator. To first gain the right Biblical worldview you must understand that everything started with God!

We must seek God and gather with believers that have a Biblical worldview to keep in the right direction and to influence our culture with the right worldview. We want to hear from you and how you influence culture through a Biblical worldview! You can write to us at Greg shared in this segment.

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