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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » If you Can’t Tread Water, It Doesn’t Matter if You can Swim; Wisdom for Everyday Life

If you Can’t Tread Water, It Doesn’t Matter if You can Swim; Wisdom for Everyday Life



Greg speaks about his time in the Navy and the fact that everyone had to learn how to tread water. The issue wasn’t knowing how to swim because some people could swim but they couldn’t tread water. Because they couldn’t tread water they would sink. Without the ability to tread water it could cause people to fail their training and not make it into the Navy.

The reason why we are talking about treading water is because it is an example of how we must learn how to be content in life. This generation has been sold a bill of goods that you can do anything, and you can go anywhere, which is true, but at the same time first you must learn how to tread life! We must learn how to be faithful in the daily mundane tasks like paying bills on time, showing up to work on time, or taking care of the things that we own, etc. There are voices crying out against the minimum wage while the same individuals are not even faithful with the responsibilities of these minimum wage positions. Instead of expecting an increase to our income, we should adjust our life to the income that God has entrusted us with. Once we have been faithful to maintain what we have, at that point, we can venture out to do new things like starting a new business.

Many people are running after great wealth but those that make this their goal end up falling. Which Paul wrote about this in the Bible.

“Those who have believing masters should not show them disrespect just because they are fellow believers. Instead, they should serve them even better because their masters are dear to them as fellow believers and are devoted to the welfare of their slaves. These are the things you are to teach and insist on.  If anyone teaches otherwise and does not agree to the sound instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ and to godly teaching, they are conceited and understand nothing. They have an unhealthy interest in controversies and quarrels about words that result in envy, strife, malicious talk, evil suspicions and constant friction between people of corrupt mind, who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain. But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.  Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” 1 Timothy 6:2-10

Learning to be content in our life is someone who learns how to tread life. It is making sure that what you have is maintained. God doesn’t mind you having things, but He minds things having you! Living a content life is pursuing a Godly life and focusing on God. In this there is much less stress and we can experience His joy!

Budgeting is an easy way to start learning how to tread life. Most people are not taught this anymore, but it is needed! Many people don’t want to budget because they don’t want to know where their money is going or that they don’t really have enough money. You can get help on budgeting from a company like Crown Finance and they will give you great wisdom on how to maintain your income.

We must build our foundation on Jesus Christ first and foremost to truly be successful at treading this life. We need to know Him and seek Him daily. He will give you the wisdom you need. If you need help in spending time with Jesus, you can get your free plan at iAbide today. We want to hear from you, you can write to us at [email protected]. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

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