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Rick Joyner says the Church will Take on a “Military Demeanor,” and What to do When a Move of God Arrives Part 2



Rick Joyner shared a prophecy titled Army of the Dawn, and it is accurate as to what God is saying about the Church. “You are going to see the body of Christ take on a military demeanor. It doesn’t mean we are going out killing people. It’s not what this army is about. We go out to heal them, raise them from the dead. You know not to wound them but to heal them. Not to conquer them but to set them free…but there is a military discipline that we have got to have a military demeanor I think you are going to see come upon the body of Christ more and more.”

God is a God of order, not chaos or confusion. In the body of Christ, the enemy is working hard to divide people from each other, but we must have order within the Church.  God is giving the Church a grace to get in order and to take on this military demeanor, which is the Church walking in the order that God has called us to, that Rick prophesied about.

We are called to walk as one, moving in unity, and because of this, it is important to be connected and rightly related to the body of Christ through a Church gathering. The Church is God’s people not a building, and we must have relationships to make it through the times that we are in. God is moving in many places but where has He called you to be?

Rick continues, “There are always many moves of God going on. I like to get a little bit in all of them. I like to experience them. If I hear of something breaking out, I love to go there and experience it. But I don’t try and ride that wave…you can’t ride every move of God or every wave. You’ll just get confused and get shallow…you gotta stay in the river; it’s all about Jesus.”

God is showing us that we need to be focused on where God has called us to be, and we need to stay in that place. Plus, we also need to be fruitful where we are! You could miss the wave even if you are in the middle of it if you are not prepared for it and functioning where God has you. Surfers understand the importance of being in the right place and the right time to catch the coming wave. They must also be headed in the right direction. It is the forceful exertion of paddling that allows them to ride what has been coming all along. This can only happen with adequate preparation — those that were not prepared the wave just passed by them.

As we talked about in part one of this segment, it is important to have an abiding relationship with Jesus and to become His disciple so that we can function correctly in the move of God and the body of Christ. If you need help on how to spend time with God every day you can get your free plan at iAbide. Also, if you need help with discipleship, you can start your journey today on Emmaus Road today!

Also, remember it is important to find your place in the body of Christ! If you don’t have a place maybe the VFN Dream Center is the place for you. We want to hear from you; you can write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Greg, John, and Steve shared in this segment.

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