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What God told Daniel Kolenda when He didn’t have time to Pray before speaking to 500,000 people



It is easy to get caught in the trap that God can only move through us when we do certain things. Daniel Kolenda, President and CEO of Christ for the Nations shares how he had this experience before he had to speak one time. It is a great reminder that God can work through us despite us and our actions.

Daniel shares how he had been on a long flight, and he was tired. He needed to rest, so he took a nap and planned to get up before the meeting to spend time in prayer. He gets woken up by someone pounding on the door saying that the meeting had already started, and he realized he had slept in. On the drive to the meeting, he shares his experience. “I felt anything but spiritual. I remember just praying, and I said Lord I am sorry, I am about to go speak to half a million people and I haven’t even prayed. And I felt the Lord say to me, ‘do not worry, I am not going to hold myself back because of you.’”

Daniel continues, “Here’s what makes the story unique from my perspective. When I went out there on the platform…announcements were going on…suddenly I hear this explosion of sound in the audience.” He says that he knows the sound because when someone gets healed everyone around the person gets excited. “I heard that sound during the announcements, and I looked, and a wheelchair went up in the air.” That was a first for someone to get healed in the announcements and then it happened again! Someone else was healed. The healings just kept happening. Daniel says that hundreds of miracles started happening in the crowd. The crowd was so loud because of the excitement that they couldn’t hear the man making the announcements anymore. “The fear of God came over me…without any music, without anyone praying there were miracles all over the place. I learned something that day about the miraculous…we all know that it is not about us, we all know we don’t make miracles. But I think that sometimes the Lord just has to show us that not only do we not make them but sometimes He does them despite us. I think that is one of the most powerful revelations that you can have in healing ministry.”

We can all take this wisdom from Daniel and know that no matter how God uses us, He can do it all without us, but He chooses to use us because He loves us! Because of this, it is important to always walk in the fear of the Lord and humility. It is God who draws people to Himself through us. Do you have a story like what Daniel shared or have you been healed? We want to hear about it! Write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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