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Francis Chan ‘What I’m Doing Right Now Will Be Labeled a Hate Crime’



Are we prepared for a time when talking about Jesus is considered a crime? Francis Chan spoke of the days that are ahead of the Church, and it is a prophetic word that can be a revelation for the Church, and we can see how close we are to this happening.

“Here is the thing, I am not trying to be prophetic right now. I’m just using my logic the way the world is going, the way the U.S. is going I think there is going to come a time, and It’s probably going to be sooner than later when what I do in a public forum is going to be labeled as a hate crime that a lot of things that we teach will be labeled as a hate speech. Will these public forums even be able to take place? As we get closer to that and there becomes a war over whether we can do that or not, we will be so consumed with winning this war that we will forget about preparing for future.”

Francis gives a couple of examples of how this can happen. He looks at both Russia and China, and the communist revolutions that took place to take down the Church. When the government stepped in, removing the leadership of the Church, these two had vastly different outcomes. Concerning Russia, “The people didn’t know where to turn. They didn’t know how to grow. They didn’t know how to disciple, and so the Church basically died.”

Concerning China, the same thing happened by the Church leadership being removed, “In fact, under Mao Zedong, the persecuted Church grew from 2 million to an estimated, about 80 million in these underground gatherings. Why? Because the people, they understood how to minister to other people. They knew how to teach other people.” We can see now how in China, Russia and other countries that Christians are being persecuted at another level.

Francis encourages us to look at our lives and see which camp we would fall into. Would we know what to do if all our Church leadership was removed? The building is destroyed? It is important for believers to know Jesus and to have a relationship with Him! It shouldn’t matter what is happening in the world because there will always be something crazy going on. We should be able to be firm in our faith and relationship with Jesus no matter what is going on around us.

Jesus has called us to be His disciples and to make disciples. When He reveals His Word to us our hearts should be burning. This took place as the disciples were walking alongside Jesus on Emmaus Road in Luke 24. You can learn how to be a follower of Jesus on Emmaus Road and become a disciple of Jesus today! You can also lead others down Emmaus Road to become disciples of Jesus. If we attempt to make disciples before becoming disciples of Jesus Christ, we are only making disciples of ourselves. We must reproduce disciples of Jesus Christ. You can start your journey today on Emmaus Road! We want to hear from you; you can write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

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