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“If I could live my life over again, I would focus more on unreached people…I don’t want to just entertain Christians “, Francis Chan speaks at Urbana



Francis Chan is speaking at the largest student missions conference in the world, Urbana. It is a gathering where people of all ethnicity’s come together to worship the Lord and are empowered to move in the power of God, and they hear the pure Gospel. Which hearing the truth of God’s Word is the only way the Gospel should be shared, and that is what is done at Urbana and what we do here at VFNKB. You can be a part of what we are doing as well to help share the truths of God with the world! It is very encouraging to see these young people being told the truth in love.

As one man describes Urbana, “They are looking at what that next step is, and it’s a really critical time to be trying to figure out what God’s will might be for your life. Whether that means you’re integrating missions into some other career, or you’re looking into a career in missions, period. God can use you either way, and God will use you in a huge way.” Urbana isn’t about just simply listening to a few speakers and returning to a campus or a city. “It’s expanding our worldviews and just opening our eyes to what the Global Church is and how there is a need for us to be a part of that.”

Francis speaks to the students in the conference and shares what he would do differently if he could relive his life. He first expresses his amazement at all the people that were attending that conference on their Christmas break because they wanted to learn how to give their lives away in service to Jesus. He remembers how when he was younger, he was afraid to give himself fully to the authority of Jesus, but now he sees where he should have focused his whole life. “I would have had a greater focus on getting to un-reached people…I would devote more of it to getting this Good News, this message, to people who have never heard about Jesus Christ…I feel… I’ve spent far too much time speaking to people who have already heard the Gospel thousands of times.” He expresses how in America there is such a pull to live a comfortable life and to make a name for yourself. Francis decided to cancel his speaking engagements. He said, “I don’t want to just entertain Christians.” He is now devoting more of his time to reaching the lost who have not heard the Gospel.

In America, it is easy to think that everyone already knows about Jesus, but they don’t! Even in America, many have not heard the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. We must become a disciple ourselves and tell others about Jesus and make disciples! Time is short, and we need to spend every moment we can to reach the lost. We can spend the rest of our days God has given us doing what He said. You can start discipleship on Emmaus Road or lead others on Emmaus Road, and you can also partner with VFNKB to help reach those that are lost and need to be discipled. We must become busy and become a disciple of Jesus Christ. We want to hear from you! You can write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com.  Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

Screenshot courtesy of Urbana.org

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