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WATCH! David Walters Shares His Testimony with His Grandfather, Brother Greg



David Walters Shares His Testimony with His Grandfather, Brother Greg

David Walters, the grandson of Greg Lancaster, shares his testimony and all the amazing things that God has done in his life.

Before David gave his life to the Lord, he was incarcerated, and he shares how It was terrible not having the freedom to do what he wanted to do. On the day that he was going to court to find out what was happening next, he woke up and asked God for something positive to happen that day. Greg went that day to visit David without knowing that it was his court date. Greg went and asked the judge if David could be released to him versus going back to jail. The judge said yes! It all happened fast, and God gave David this gift of being set free!

The day that he was released it was the weekend of the Gulf Coast Pastor’s Conference at Church of His Presence and David was touched by the presence and power of God. He was crying, and at the same time, it started pouring rain outside which he felt were his tears too. He went into this conference with a headache from a concussion, and an injured ankle and his headache were healed along with his ankle!

Next, David shares the moment that he came to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. At that moment he was on fire, and he was broken over his sin, and he genuinely repented. He felt relieved and knew that he made a decision he should have made a long time ago. He knew at that moment he was not alone anymore and is now walking through life with Jesus! You can make this same decision today! Read more of our stories at Meet My Father.

David shares how his dreams have changed. Where he used to be tormented in his dreams but now God is speaking to him through dreams. He asked God for a fascination for Him, and he asked for a dream. God answered his prayer that night, and he was given a dream!

David shares how he was back in middle school in the dream, and he was being bullied and made fun of just like how he was treated in real life in school. He would keep tripping and falling, and the kids would make fun of him. He felt embarrassed every time he fell and was made fun of. One of the days that he tripped and fell a kid came up to him and the bully and said that the bully needed to stop making fun of David or he was going to tell the dean. This also happened the next day, but the kid that was helping David said for satan to go in Jesus name. The bully stopped, but David begged for the dean not to be told and to give the bully one more chance. The next day he got off the bus, and he tripped and fell, and the kids on the bus made fun of him. A big tour bus pulled up and the kid who helped him at school walked off the bus. He walked with David and every time David fell this guy helped him up and spoke words of life over him. After that, he didn’t fall anymore.

“For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again…” Proverbs 24:16

This dream was a great encouragement to David, and it shows that God has been aware of his life and saw all the things that happened to David as he grew up. Be encouraged with David’s words and know that you are not alone! Spend time with God by abiding, which is reading your Bible and talking to God. You can get your free abiding plan today at iAbide! We want to hear from you! You can write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Greg and David shared in this segment.

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