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WATCH! Son of Hamas: “The Green Prince” Double Agent who worked with Israel to Reveal the Operations of Hamas



Son of Hamas: “The Green Prince” Double Agent who worked with Israel to Reveal the Operations of Hamas

Wherever we grow up and who we grow up with affects who we are. We are a product of our environment and that is what we know. When we look at Islam, we can see how the children that grow up being taught the Koran and strict Islamic teachings influences them to see this religion as the right one to follow. Strict followers of Islam are taught that Christians and Jews hate them, but many have seen the truth and have found out that Christians and Jews are kind and loving!

Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hassan Yousef who was the leader of the terrorist group, Hamas, was brought up in a strict Islamic environment. He had been taught the wrong view of Jewish people, but once he met them, it changed his perspective. He speaks of his journey and testimony in the book Son of Hamas and a documentary film, The Green Prince. He speaks at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference and shares some of his story.

Mosab shares how he was in an Israeli prison and started reading The Jerusalem Post to learn English, but it started to open his eyes to the world outside of Islam. “It’s very hard to encapsulate the human journey, human evolution, in any form of language…truth at those heights cannot be conveyed, in any form actually. Not a movie, not a book, not a speech, we cannot reduce ourselves to words that cannot defend themselves. Somebody is going to take this speech out of context and serve maybe some Palestinian agenda, eventually. This is how it works. People don’t see things for what they are, but I am sure that some of you at least will understand where I am coming from.”

He continues his speech sharing how he worked for different governments. “At some point, I was paid by the Israeli government, by the U.S. Government, by the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas Organization. I was working for all those guys at the same time. So today if I speak, I speak with the authority of experience…I don’t represent government or politicians. I represent myself. I am an individual. I am not an organization, and I don’t like to take sides, because I don’t belong to nations. I don’t belong to the crowd. I have transcended this a long time ago. But the Jewish nation is dear to me, and when I see nations who fight against the Jewish people, it hurts me. Because at some point I thought the Jewish people were the enemies of humanity, I thought they were the enemies of our people, the Palestinian people, until I came to experience what the Jewish nation really is. Through intelligence service through witnessing the true democratic model in an ocean of darkness; the only light in the Middle East…”

Mosab speaks next about a suicide bombing attack he witnessed. “In the Muslim society, I witnessed a woman who sent five of her children to die in suicide bombing attacks, one after another. She would put the explosive belt on them and bless them and say, ‘Go kill the Jews.’ To gain respect in her society… This is the problem with that society conditioning; that if you take individuals on the side, they are just human beings, like us. Any of us could have been brought up in that environment, would be conditioned in the same way. The human condition does not differentiate between an Arab or a Jewish person.”

He talks about how there is an Islamic problem, and everyone needs to band together to deal with it. “We cannot fool ourselves; there is an Islamic problem. Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, ISIS, Boko Haram, all of them are killing by the name of Allah.…there is an Islamic problem, and I think humanity needs to stand against this danger. Because this danger is not only against the state of Israel, this danger is against the evolvement of mankind…Today people need to unify against Islam, not the Muslim people, against Islam itself as a belief system. When the President of the free world stands and says that Islam is a religion of peace, he creates the perfect climate to create more terrorism…”

“I love Israel; I love what Israel stands for, its ethics, its values, its democracy, its love. A nation that was able to overcome the Holocaust and instead of playing the victim mentality…they were able to build a democratic state. To make it from a newborn state to an advanced and completely developed state in less than 25 years, this is a great example.”

Mosab’s story is an inspiring testimony of truth and reality. He experienced the harsh and brutal realities of Hamas and Radical Islam. He was raised to think a certain way towards Jews, but when his experience encountered reality, he knew there was a choice to be made. As Christians, we need to be the light wherever we are, just as Mosab is boldly shining the light in the Middle East. Coming from a life of privilege, Mosab had everything to lose. Not all of us come from the same background of status and power but can make the same decision to follow Jesus Christ and live our lives for the truth. You can make the same decision today, read our stories of salvation at Meet My Father, and be encouraged to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Be encouraged as you see his entire speech. We want to hear from you! Write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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