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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » #VFNKB NBA Player Steph Curry, Oklahoma Senator James Langford, and Hobby Lobby David Green All Share how they Let their LIGHT Shine in their Mountain of Culture

#VFNKB NBA Player Steph Curry, Oklahoma Senator James Langford, and Hobby Lobby David Green All Share how they Let their LIGHT Shine in their Mountain of Culture



In America, we are seeing people shine their light for Jesus more than ever before from their platform! We are seeing this happen from every mountain of influence, Business, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Faith, Education, Media, and Family Mountain. We share with you three men who are standing for Christ from three different mountains of influence. Be encouraged by their stories to do the same and use your platform/mountain for Jesus!

We first join Steph Curry, an NBA player as a point guard for the Golden State Warriors, at Liberty University. He is asked the question of what is the one thing that matters the most. “It is amazing to be here and to feel the love and the vibe and the passion for Christ that is here, I commend you guys for creating that kind of culture and environment. Part of that is being confident in your abilities and the platform that God has given you and using that platform to shine the light back to Him. That is the only reason that I feel like I do what I do, and I have been blessed with the talents to do what I do. So that is hopefully first and foremost when you watch me play, and you see that light shine through. You see the joy that I have for what I do and the perspective, whether it’s a sign after I make a shot or the verses that I write on my shoes every day. The Lord has blessed me with these talents to do something special. But it is not about me. That is something that I want my career and my life to be a reflection of His love and His grace and mercy. Whether it is winning games, losing games, making shots, missing shots it is all about giving glory to God.”

God has called us, believers, to reach the nations and to do that we must go into the seven mountains of influence! Curry is doing this for the Entertainment Mountain as he shines his light for the world to see as he does his job and plays basketball. It is important for the light of Jesus to be in every mountain of culture and believers are all carriers of that light and can be light/influencers in our mountain. Maybe you need help on how to be an influencer in your mountain of culture? Here at VFNKB, we are here to help you do that! You can contact us HERE to find out more. Also, you can order our free book, I Will Fight and learn strategies for success in your mountain and also gain much wisdom! Order your book HERE, and we only ask that you pay for shipping and handling.

Next, we look at Oklahoma Senator James Lankford who is influencing the Government Mountain with the light of Jesus. He was previously in the Faith Mountain as a minister, but God called him to move into government, and he has done many great things for America and the Lord in his position. We join him at CPAC 2019. “I was 22 years in youth ministry before I came into Congress. Knowing that a youth pastor is now a member of Congress, either encourages you or terrifies you, depending on your experience with your own personal youth pastor in your own church in the background. That’s the perspective that I come from. I have people that will catch me and say you used to be in a ministry position, but now you’re in Congress, and now you need to set aside your faith because you’re in a secular role and you need to make sure you represent everyone and not talk about faith anymore. Faith was your previous life, and now this is a new life. I enjoy smiling at them and saying I need to introduce you to a document called the United States Constitution. In that document Article 6, not the Sixth Amendment, Article 6 of the Constitution says there’s no religious test for any officer of the United States. Whether a mayor or whether you’re a member of Congress or whether you’re on the school board, whatever you may be, any officer of the United States, any official, doesn’t have a religious test. That means you don’t have to have a certain faith nor take your faith off if you have a certain faith or turn your faith off. So, for me, I enjoy getting in this dialog because I’ve done something audacious enough that I’ve tried to keep who I am. We have people that come to Washington and change, and I’ve told people if you’re asking me to set aside my faith you’re asking me to do what most of us detest, and that is to be able to become something you’re not when you come to D.C. So I believe that a person can live their faith and to be able to practice that is a part of their ongoing dialog. Not only do I believe that, I think that’s essential in our culture to have respect for someone that’s sitting next to you that has a different faith than you and says I choose to live my faith, it’s their right to live theirs. But we live in a very unique country where you can have a faith, practice your faith, change your faith or have no faith at all and it‘s all as an honored part of our liberties.”

Senator Lankford is a great light for the Kingdom of God in the Government Mountain! What he just shared should encourage you to know as a citizen you can confidently express your faith anywhere in America based on your Constitutional rights!

Another mountain that has been impacted by a Christian is the Business Mountain, through Hobby Lobby and the Green family! In their business practices, they have always put God first, and now they have financed the construction and opening of the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C.! Because they said yes to Jesus early on in life, they have made a major impact in the Business Mountain and now their children are carrying on that legacy. We join David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby, as he shares his testimony.

He starts with how at the beginning of Hobby Lobby they were a manufacturer and started the business with only $600. They were making picture frames in their garage. From there they opened their first store, and now they have 520 stores with sales at $3 billion with no long-term debt and 22,000 employees! He gives God the glory for this! “It is our desire as the owners of this company to do everything we possibly can in terms of helping strengthen the families of our employees.”

Green shares how they offer different classes for their employees and their families. Like anger management and Dave Ramsey’s finance classes. They even have full-time chaplains available for the employees. “Closing on Sundays is real important to us. Giving our managers a five-day work week is very important to us, closing at eight o’ clock instead of 9 o’ clock so maybe a parent can tuck their kids in bed before they go to bed at night. We do everything we possibly can to be a help to our employees of how they can structure their lives based on Biblical principles. It’s not something that is forced on anybody, but it’s there for them if they would like.”

Mrs. Green also shares how the way they run their business is natural to them because it is how they raised their family.

Green continues, “My convictions entered into how we run our business. Convictions on how we treat others. To do unto others as we would have them do to us…in every area that we feel like would be something contrary to God’s Word that becomes a conviction for us. Just caring about our people is a conviction. So, we want to love people and…be the best Christian example to all of our employees.”

Despise not the day of small beginnings! Green sets the example that with God nothing is impossible when we stay faithful to Him. It is a powerful thing you can do to affect the world with your business when you give it all to the Lord! We must position ourselves to receive a blessing, a wealth transfer, from God and we can do that by giving our business, our work, to Him. What do you think about dedicating your business to God? Have you done this already? We want to hear from you! Write to us at [email protected]. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Screenshots courtesy of American Conservative Union; Liberty U; Giants for God

Stephen Curry – Liberty University Convocation 
CPAC 2019 – Faith Matters: Can Liberty Exist Without It?  
David Green Hobby Lobby

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