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WATCH! Public School Vs. Home School – the Truth is in the Numbers



Public School Vs. Home School – the Truth is in the Numbers

Who do you think performs better; home school or public-school students? We take a look at the difference between these students in America and find out that answer. There has been a huge push for people to send their children to public school, but the schools have been turned into re-education camps with agendas being taught to our children. Teachers are limited in how they can help their students by the curriculum, and by the condition, the student comes to them as the student is a product of their environment. We are in no way speaking against public school; we are just looking at the facts to see what we can do better in the Education Mountain in America.

Reported by The Infographics Show, we find out how students compare when they take the Standardized Achievement Test, SAT. This test is a college entrance exam and can determine whether a student receives a scholarship, so it is very critical they receive a good score. Students are tested on their reading, math, and writing skills. First, we look at the average scores for different categories of the SAT. For Critical Reading, public school scored 492, and home school scored 535. In Mathematics public school scored 501 and home school 580; Writing scored 478 at public schools and 542 for home school students. Home school students usually score 15 to 30 percentile points above public school students on the SAT. Also, black home school students score 23 to 42 percentile points above black public-school students. Why are the home school scores so much better? Homeschoolers get more one on one attention and can focus on their weaknesses so that education is made to order. They can also grab the concept of what they are learning versus just being taught “the test,” which is what typically happens in public schools. Life is not about the test but about concepts that are learned. Of course, you can incorporate the Bible into home school, which is important for your children to have the Word in them!

Next, what is the cost of education in America? Public schools are funded based on a property tax, so if a school is surrounded by government housing, there won’t be as much funding available for that school. Then if a school is surrounded by million-dollar homes that school will have plenty of taxpayer money to help students get a better education. For public schooling, U.S. taxpayers pay around $12,000 per year per student! Whereas the average cost of homeschooling is $500-$2000 for books and materials per student. Supporting homeschooling is important because we see how great it is for students. We know not everyone can home school their children, which is why we must pray for the education system in America to be brought back to the original intent that it was founded on!

What happens to Christian students who enter college? We look at students who state that they are Christians and have made Jesus their Lord and Savior, and we find out what happens as they start their college education. Reported by the Barna Group, those that attend a public university, 70% leave their faith in God! Parents or the students are paying money to these universities for them to leave the faith! Just like public schools, many of the public universities are also re-education camps and are against God and against the U.S. Constitution. Do students leave their faith attending Christian universities? Because of the reality of students leaving their faith in public universities, one would think their children would keep their faith at a Christian university, but unfortunately, 50% of Christian students leave their faith. Looking at these facts, we must realize that we can’t send our children to a school in hopes that the school will save them, only God can do that! We must teach them to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, where they can be rooted and grounded in that relationship.

In America, we must take back the Education Mountain and have it back on the local level versus where it is controlled by the teacher’s union and government. Looking at the reality that home school students perform better than public school students, we need to go back to the drawing board and see what can be changed to make public education better! What do you think about public schools? What do you think about homeschooling? We want to hear from you! Write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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