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CHILDREN – HOLD EM or FOLD EM, Parenting Wisdom, Ruth Graham, Wife of Billy Graham, knowing when to LET GO!




Billy Graham led a humble ministry from beginning to end and ministered to the world. Reportedly he spoke to more people in person than anyone else, totaling 282 million people! As Billy Graham traveled the world his wife, Ruth Graham was left at home to raise their children. 

Ruth Graham shares her wisdom as her daughter Anne Graham Lotz asks her mom what kind of transition do you make from being a parent of teenagers to adults? Ruth answers with Isaiah 28:10 “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little…” She continues, “Don’t choke them with the Bible, or teaching. When they are in high school,it is time to shut up and listen. By then they know what you stand for and what you hope for, they need a sounding board…it is basically train up to high school, listen from teenage years on, and encourage every step of the way.” Children need encouragement and a good listener. Ruth Graham was a good listener; it is always good to make yourself available as a parent to listen to your children. Sometimes children need to talk without you saying anything. Ruth wrote this poem while her sons were prodigals and it speaks on how she kept going even when missing her children.

“A Mother’s Peace”

“She waited for the call

That never came;

Searched every mail

For a letter, or a

Note, or card,

That bore his name; and

On her knees at night,

And on her feet all day,

She stormed Heaven’s gate

In his behalf;

She pled for him

In Heaven’s high court.

“Be still, and wait;”—

The word God gave;

Then she knew that He would

Do in and for and with him,

That which she never could.

So, doubts ignored

She went about her chores

With joy—

Knowing, though spurned,

His word was true.

The prodigal had not returned,

But God was God

And there was work to do.”


Because she kept on working, even through the hard times, she was able to keep on ministering to others including her husband. Anne asked her mom what was key in passing her faith on to her children. Ruth continues, “You take care of the possible and trust Me for the impossible, impossible lies in the realm of miracles and miracles are not in your department…just be available as a Mother…children will get their standards from their Mother whether materialistic or not.” A mother needs to be a present help in trouble! “The impossible for us is the conviction of sin…creating a hunger and thirst after righteousness and conversion.”  Those are all miracles. 

Stay present with your children. Don’t say things that put walls between you and your children or them and God. Everything that we are doing our children are watching. We want to hear from you. Maybe that is you, and you should have let go sooner?  Love on your children and trust God for the miracle. Love and worship God and pray continually. If you want your children to serve and honor God, then you need to do that! Also shared in this segment: Rebel Without a Cause, Micro Management, Love, Transition. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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