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How to Overcome Fear: John Newlin




John Newlin speaks on today’s program, and we will have him for a series of interviews, which you can find them HERE on the VFN Torch. He speaks about his newly released book, Ordinary: An Ordinary Man’s Experience with God, which is a captivating book as he shares from life experiences how he encounters God time and time again!

We continue the conversation as John shares a story of a time when his family was on vacation. They lived in Fort Meyers, Florida, and they visited Tennessee. They were avid bird hunters and were always in need of a good bird dog. They saw a sign that said bird dogs for sale, and John and his dad were able to convince the whole family to get the dog which was a big deal as they had to keep it in the car all the way back to Florida. The dog’s name was Mike.

One day they were bird hunting with the dogs including Mike and ran into wild hogs. Then Mike runs up to John with a baby pig in his mouth! Since he was a bird dog, he was not hurting the pig as bird dogs have a soft mouth. John picked the pig up as the herd of pigs had left already, and they took it home. They had to feed it bottles until it was big enough to be on its own. When it was weaned, they then put the pig in the kennel with the dogs. John and his family owned a rock quarry, and the dog kennel was near the quarry. Every day at 4 pm they would shoot off dynamite in the rock which would make a loud sound and would cause the dogs to bark. The young pig learned to bark just like the dogs!

John continues to share how he overcame fear. “My Dad was a man’s man. He was who John Wayne tried to act like.” They had a hunting camp, and we’re staying there one of their many trips, and as they were sitting in the screened-in kitchen a six-foot rattlesnake was about to go into the cabin. John was only eight years old, but his dad told him to go and get the shovel and kill the snake. His dad was someone that you did not argue with, so he got the shovel and killed him then cut his head off. He says he named this part of his book, First Snake Overcoming Fear. He just did what he was told, and the snake didn’t even try to strike at him.

“Here’s what I have learned in the Word, 365 times God says NO FEAR, DON’T HAVE FEAR. Fear is not our portion. If you are out there and you are afraid, look to God, and have Him encourage you to be strong.” You may not have a snake to kill to help get over fears, but sometimes you must face the things that scare you to realize that there was no reason to fear those things!

Many men in their 50s have a high suicide rate according to T.D. Jakes in He-motions, but men need to see that their lives are not over at that age or any age! Your life can just begin in your 50s because the world needs you and your wisdom. Don’t fear what you will face beyond your 50s. Choose life because God has so much more in store for you!

What are some fears that you have overcome? We want to hear from you! Write to us at or in the VFNKB Community HERE. Be sure to check out the other segments with more on John Newlin’s interview. You can get your copy of the book Ordinary: An Ordinary Man’s Experience with God, HERE.

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Ordinary: An Ordinary Man’s Experience with God

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