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Home » WATCH! Brokenness & Honesty Can Lead to Repentance: Adam Field

WATCH! Brokenness & Honesty Can Lead to Repentance: Adam Field




Brokenness & Honesty Can Lead to Repentance: Adam Field 

Adam Field founder and President of CoMission speaks on a series of programs sharing how God called him to his ministry and what he does through it. Also, in the continuing interview, he shares experiences and miracles he has witnessed as he has simply obeyed God. Be sure to watch or listen to hear the full story on each program.

In this program, Adam and Greg share how our brokenness and honesty can lead others to repentance. It helps us to connect to people because people need to see that we, believers, are broken too. Watch or listen now to hear more!                                                                                                                                                                                                
We want to hear from you. How have you seen that brokenness has brought someone to repentance? Write to us at or in the VFNKB Community HERE. Greg and Adam shared in this segment.

As written on the CoMission website, Adam is a native of Ireland. He was led to the Lord at the age of 6. Through elementary school and high school, God used him to be a testimony of His keeping power. He graduated Summit International School of Ministry and worked as a staff pastor for two years in Donegal, Ireland. After two years in Donegal, he and his wife, Ashley, church planted for three years in Kerry, Ireland, and then Adam was an associate pastor in Cork, Ireland.  In Cork, they felt a call to the USA, which led them to Florida, where Adam became an evangelist for the west Florida district of the Assembly of God. For the last three and a half years, Adam led evangelistic outreaches all across the state of Colorado and the US. He has worked for World Challenge and partnered with ministries such as Nicky Cruz Outreach. It has been an amazing experience for Adam to be affirmed in his calling as an evangelist and to be raised in a ministry that was founded by David Wilkerson.

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