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Home » “We Are at a Transition Between the Ages,” says Charles Simpson

“We Are at a Transition Between the Ages,” says Charles Simpson




As we go about our daily lives, we can become focused on our tasks and responsibilities that are immediately in front of us. What we often do not consider is how things around us are changing. We are on the precipice of a new age. We may not presently recognize this, but when we look back on history, we can see those defining moments. Charles Simpson recently sat down with VFNtv and shared about the inevitability of changing times, and also the unknowns in our future.

In his own words, Simpson points out where we are in the present age. “We’ve come to the end of an age, and we’re in the transition between ages, the overlap of yesterday and tomorrow, and we don’t know what the future is going to be.” As Simpson points out, the age that is now upon is unlike anything before seen in history. “Ages start and end quicker than they ever did.” Simpson briefly recounts history’s notable mentions of the Guttenberg Printing Press, Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, World War II, 9/11 Twin Towers Attack, and the turn of the century. What is also significant to recognize is that industries are now more influential than ever before. Simpson emphasizes what they are capable of, “they can buy elections.” These realities highlight the urgency for the Church to be the Church more than ever.

As we see industries establishing a larger presence in cultures and economies throughout the world, people can become disillusioned in what these industries offer and neglect to hold to more important things like values and morals. In response to this, Simpson expresses what can be learned from what has happened within Hong Kong. “Hong Kong is a demonstration of what happens when control goes beyond moral basis and what you’re having in Hong Kong is not only a pro-liberty movement, you’re having a lot of Christian activity, and a lot of desire for freedom of thought, freedom of worship.” What people may not be aware of is China’s technological advancements that far surpass what America is presently experiencing. 

As industries increase more and more, as the Church, we cannot focus on secular results while neglecting spiritual results. Simpson explains, “there are people that are for a secular solution rather than a spiritual solution…you could make two columns on a sheet. If they go for this, they’re probably gonna go for the rest of it. The sides are becoming clearer.” In a sense, this is a good thing as we will be able to define who we will choose to follow clearly. Simpson continues, “that’s what the Scripture said would happen, ‘The wicked would do more wickedly. The righteous would do more righteous.’ And I think that’s happening. And I think it has to happen so that people can see what the difference is and make their own choices.” In today’s culture, one may assume there are many different sides and choices to be made. But, as Simpson points out, there are only two sides. “When you look at the agendas, there’s only two sides, and we’re being forced to make choices that we don’t necessarily want to make. But, there’s only two sides.”

These nuggets of wisdom are so important for us to understand and walk in. As these days increase, the choices we make will become more apparent than ever before. See the full conversation with Charles Simpson about this new age, changing industries, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Artificial Intelligence, AI, Hong Kong, freedom, truth, liberties, industries, elections, agendas, ages in history, and truth. Charles Simpson and Greg Lancaster shared in this segment.

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