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LISTEN NOW!  Greg, and Pat discuss an encounter Steve Strang had with Pastor Alveda King and Naomi King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s sister-in-law when they visited with each other in Atlanta, Georgia.  In this segment they continue to speak about Dr. King’s character and how people have tried to coop Dr. King’s legacy and say that Dr. King would was doing the same thing that Saul Alinsky wrote about in Rules for Radicals. 


Dr.King’s own words, his own example and now the testimony of others all say that Dr. King would not use “Lucifer’s” tips for organizing but instead allowed himself and his movement to be organized under the supreme organizer Jesus.  Naomi recounts a time when she was visiting Dr. King in 1955 after his first daughter Yolanda was born.  She continues to share an account when Dr. King walked in his home of which she was in and begins to share how he was detained by the police and and told her “they tried to choke me with my own tie.”  Dr. King’s response was true wisdom then and it still true today.  He said speaking about that incident “The more they mistreat us and abuse us, the more we must love them and forgive them because hatred is very much alive.”  Naomi said it was that moment when Dr. King was 26 years old that she began to see that he was being molded for his assignment and that was because of his regard for God and people.  How can we not do any different? 

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