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WATCH!  God Has the Answer for Your Questions by John Kilpatrick and Greg Lancaster  



When you have a question, as serious question, where do you go to find the answer?  Who do you ask?  Most people today go to Google to see if they can quickly find the answer.  Google’s mission statement is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Its vision statement is to “provide an important service to the world-instantly delivering relevant information on virtually any topic.”  There was a day that people would ask the one who was wise among them for answers about life, especially series questions.  Today, it’s like the wisdom of man has been replaced by the knowledge of man, i.e. Google or other “knowledge” search engines.  Notice that Google writes that their mission and vision is to “organize information” and “deliver information,” not wisdom.   

There is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom.  One difference is that knowledge is what, but not how or why, i.e. how to appropriately use the knowledge.  They say about sharing humor, telling jokes, that it’s important not only to know the joke, but to understand “timing.”  You can tell the exact same joke someone else told who had people falling all over the place laughing but told with the timing totally off it falls the ground like a led balloon while hearing the sound of the “crickets” because it’s so silent.  That is somewhat of a way to explain the difference between having knowledge with no wisdom and knowledge with wisdom.  When someone has knowledge without wisdom, many times they sound like a “know it all” who is seemingly rattling off what they “know,” what they “heard” what they “learned.” Most, listening to such folks, are looking for light at the end of the dark tunnel, built by their empty words of knowledge, hoping there’s an end to this painful experience.  Yet, when someone shares wisdom, it’s like honey to the soul.  It’s like a warm feeling inside that comforts you as it embraces and makes sense of the question you are asking.  It’s like a bridge connects you to “the other side” of your destiny.  It’s like a hand resting gently on your back while leading you through a rough patch in your life, business or ministry.   

Not only have many people not asked the wise person in their close circle, many have not asked God, Wisdom Himself, questions about their life.  Just as many don’t consider any worth in finding out or knowing who around them is the wisest, many don’t even consider that God has an answer; a wise answer for them.    

Of course, this is not true.  Solomon writes in Proverbs, Wisdom calls aloud, she raises her voice in the public square; on top of the wall she cries out, at the city gate she makes her speech.”  God not only has answers for our questions, He is the answer.  He is all knowing.  He knows everything that ever was, is or will be at the same time.  Not only does He care about you and not only is He “in to you” He desires to be “in you” through accepting Jesus, His gift, His Son, as your Lord and Savior so you can be one with God and Wisdom itself.    

Think about it, since God loves you so much that He gave His Son, Jesus, to die for your sins, so that you and He can be in a relationship through Jesus, imagine how willing He is to answer questions you have for your life?    

Pastor John Kilpatrick shares what the Lord told him about this very thing, He shares how the Lord told him that His people have stopped seeking Him for answers and really don’t understand how and when to ask, or how God speaks.  Enjoy this interview where He shares deep wisdom that will comfort your soul with the warmth that only comes from God’s wisdom when it is shared.  It’s time you get answers to your life’s questions, whether it’s personal for yourself, marriage, family, business, ministry or leadership challenges, God has the answer.  Jeremiah got answers from God for us and shared it in Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  Enjoy watching this very informative interview.    

Note: Article written by Greg Lancaster, and interview is by John Kilpatrick.  

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Transcript:  Jim Bakker Show interview with Pastor John Kilpatrick “auto generated” by YouTube 
the Lord woke me up last week and this 

was just a few days ago and whenever he 

woke me up the Lord said to me 

there’s been a famine of the word of the 

Lord and that’s not talking about 

sermons necessarily 

you know we talk about the word of the 

Lord we’re thinking about sermons and 

it’s not even necessarily talking about 

totally the word of the Lord the written 

word of the Lord but it’s talking about 

a famine of receiving the word of the 


the Lord said I want you to tell the 


they have asked me for things they have 

prayed in praying is petitioning God for 

divine intervention 

that’s what prayer is petitioning God 

our soliciting God for help 

that’s prayer 

every Christian knows how to pray every 

one of us we go to God we know exactly 

how to ask him we pray and we’re 

passionate about it but the Lord said to 

me that night he said I want you to tell 

the people that I hear their prayers and 

I will answer their prayers but he said 

I also want you to let them know that I 

want them to ask me things 

and if they will ask me things not just 

for things but if they’ll ask me things 

I will answer them and the Bible says in 

James you have not 

because you asked not you have not 

because you ask not 

and so the Lord wants us to ask 

questions there’s a scripture that I 

just like to give you real quick as I’m 

talking about this the Bible talks about 

Jesus whenever he went in the temple he 

was 12 years old and it said they went 

up to Jerusalem him and his parents 

after the custom of the feast and it 

came to pass after three days they found 

Jesus in the temple sitting in the midst 

of the doctors and here’s what the Bible 


he was both hearing 

asking questions 

and all that heard Jesus were astonished 

at his understanding and his answers but 

the Son of God was asking questions of 

these doctors at 12 years old he was 

asking questions the Son of God the 

omniscient one was asking questions I 

have a question for you 

if Jesus asked questions why do you 

think he would be offended if you asked 

him questions 

he wants to answer you he said for me to 

come and tell the people of God the body 

of Christ people are inquiring of me 

our people are soliciting my help 

they’re asking me for things but how 

many are inquiring and asking me answers 

to their questions and so the Lord is 

now in the process of beginning to 

answer questions now the other thing I 

want to talk about is real quickly while 

I’m on this subject 

is when do you ask God your questions 

and the answer to that is at nighttime 

go back in your Bible and you break 

everything down 

to ask the Lord your questions at night 

because when you go to bed that’s when 

the Lord speaks when you’re on your bed 

in the night seasons 

and the Bible says that David made this 

statement he said I will bless the Lord 

who has given me counsel 

and instructed me in the night seasons 

as in Psalms 16 and verse 7 I will bless 

the Lord David said who has given me 

counsel and has instructed me in the 

night season 

Daniel when Daniel was upon the earth he 

was friends with Nebuchadnezzar 

Daniel course was Jewish Nebuchadnezzar 

was Babylonian and Nebuchadnezzar was 

asking questions on his bed 

you see the questions need to be posed 

at nighttime why because you’re about to 

go into sort of a semi consciousness 

that’s when God speaks when your mind 

simmers down when your mind is not so 

chaotic when the chatter begins to die 

down that’s when God begins to speak and 

he will bypass your mind and he’ll 

answer right directly into your spirit 

and it says this 

he said daniel said to him you ask these 

questions upon your bed 

and he said as for the old king here are 

the answers your thoughts came into your 

mind upon your bed what should come to 

pass Hereafter and he said the Lord has 

sent me here to reveal these secrets and 

to make known of you what should come to 

pass here again here’s an ungodly King 

he’s not Jewish he’s not god-fearing 

but he’s laying on his bed Daniel told 

him says you asked these questions when 

you were on your bed he said while you 

were on your bed you asked what will 

come to pass what’s gonna happen 

and Daniel said I have come to give you 

the answer then Nebuchadnezzar responded 

when Daniel interpreted his dream and he 

says surely your God is a God of gods a 

Lord of lords and a revealer of Secrets 

what is it about asking questions at 


it says in Psalms 4 and 4 stand in awe 

and sin not commune with your own heart 

upon your bed and be still 

so there’s something about communing 

with God on your bed and asking God when 

you’re about to go to sleep 

I would recommend when a person goes to 

bed everybody when they get ready to go 

to bed they say many times you know when 

people get ready at night to go to bed 

they’ll say honey I’m about to go to bed 

I’m getting ready for bed and then the 

women will go in and they’ll take their 

makeup off they’ll put on their lotions 

people will brush their teeth they’ll 

comb their hair you know they get ready 

to go to bed and they put on their 

pajamas they get out of their street 

clothes they put on their pajamas they 

lay down they cover up and they’re going 

to bed they’re getting their body ready 

for bed 

but what the Holy Spirit said to me last 

week is tell my people that we have now 

entered into a season where the Lord is 

saying don’t just get your body ready 

for bed but get your spirit man ready to 

hear from heaven ask your questions 

while you’re still in the bed before you 

go to sleep ask the Lord to questions 

and the answer will come but the answer 

usually comes in the morning 

and the answer will usually come not 

maybe not that morning the next morning 

many times it will but the answer will 

come in the morning 

and so here’s what God said to Joe 

and Jobe is the oldest recorded book in 

your Bible Jobe made this statement he 

said God speaks once 

yay twice 

and man perceives it not why when God 

tries to talk to you in the daytime 

you’re so busy 

you’ve got people on your mind you’ve 

got cooking meals on your mind you’ve 

got taking care of your kids on your 

mind you’ve got studies at college and 

school on your mind you’ve got your boss 

on your mind you’ve got all kind of 

distractions all day long from the time 

you leave home till the time you get 

ready to for bed at night all kinds of 

distractions all kinds of distractions 

but the Bible says that God speaks once 

J twice man perceives it not why because 

he’s in his waking hours but it said in 

a dream in a vision of the night when 

deep sleep see there it is again deep 

sleep falleth upon a man 

it says in slum brings upon his bed God 

will then open the ears of men and seal 

their instruction 

now here’s what that scripture means 

when it says you’ll open the ears of men 

and seal their instruction what that 

means is this everybody has ears I have 

ears you have ears jesus said he that 

hath ears to hear let him hear he’s not 

talking about these ears he’s talking 

about the ears of the inner man 

and he said when you’re at sleep and 

you’re going to bed and you’re asking 

God questions the Lord will open up your 

ears he will seal the instruction what 

does it mean by sealing destruction well 

I’m not a drinker I don’t drink and I 

wouldn’t promote drinking or advocate 

drinking but yet when they seal a bottle 

of wine 

they put a cork in there and they sealed 

up bottle of wine you can pop the cork 

on that bottle of wine 10 years later 25 

years later and that wine is aged and 

matured and it’s still fresh and it’s 

still a very powerful bottle of wine 

because it’s been sealed what the Lord 

is saying here is on your bed when deep 

sleep falls upon men that’s REM sleep 

slumbering upon the bed 

that’s not REM sleep but that’s when 

you’re coming out of a sleep and you’re 

arousing in the morning then he opens 

the ears of men but he seals the 

instruction what does that mean by 

sealing the instruction it means that 

God seals the instruction in your spirit 

so the devil can’t steal it 

but if God opened your ears and told you 

something and gave you the answer the 

devil would steal that before you woke 

up if he could but God seals it 

he just seals it 

like that wine bottle like that olive 

oil bottle he seals it it’s sealed and 

when you wake up that answer is in your 

inner man and you may not hear a voice 

you may not have had a dramatic 

experience but when you wake up you’ve 

got the answer and you know that you’ve 

got the answer God sealed it while you 

were asleep 

and he said he does that that he may 

withdraw men from his purpose and hide 

pride from men in other words you don’t 

have the wherewithal and you don’t have 

the ability in yourself to come up with 

that answer it’s going to take God to 

give you that answer trust me on that 


English (auto-generated) 


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