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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » WAKE UP! It is Your Time to Shine!

WAKE UP! It is Your Time to Shine!


#COVID “If you are under 80 years of age, you have a 99.99 percent chance you WILL NOT DIE from #COVID-19.” John MacArthur

“If you are a baby in your mother’s womb in California, you have a 25% chance you WILL DIE in your mother’s womb.” John MacArthur*

> “Alcohol kills 3 Million a year, and all the liquor stores are open”

> “250 Million Deaths are traced back to Smoking – Cigarettes are still available”

> “441,000 kids under 18 years will someday die from smoking, where is the ban on cigarettes.”

> “Death by medical people who do abortions, 364 abortions a day, in California, about 1 in 4 pregnancies, end in death/abortion.”


Who would have ever thought that the most dangerous place for children would be in California in their own mother’s womb?

The place which was the safest place for a child for thousands of years now has become the most dangerous and America is closing down for COVID and it’s 99.99 percent chance of living?

You have a 1% chance of dying from Covid-19 under the age of 80 and a 25% chance of dying if you are a child in your mother’s womb in California based on what John MacArthur says.

“Death by abortion outstrips every kind of death. You can take all cancer and heart disease death and death by abortion outnumbers them.” John MacArthur

*John MacArthur says he gets this information from California’s records. California has the highest number of abortions of all 50 states in America. There are 900,000 abortions in America a year. A direct assault on the creation of God

Churches can’t meet??? Right! #Time2BTheChurch


Time to awake, O’Sleeper, Awake. It is your time to shine! Ephesians 5:14;
Matthew 5:14-16

Image Courtesy of JavierBrosch/

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