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WATCH! Financial Collapse in Venezuela, Gangs in El Salvador coming to the United States. Is This the Coming Wave of Humanity?



Is There a Tidal Wave of Humanity Coming into America? The economies of Venezuela, El Salvador, and Puerto Rico are Crashing

When most people think of waves, or tidal waves, they think of water, and the ocean itself. But, when we look at the massive movements of people all throughout the Earth, we can see there is a Tidal Wave of Humanity. Specifically, there is a massive migration of people from nations such as Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and El Salvador that are moving to America. It is important to note that these nations are only a few hours South of Miami when traveling by plane: Venezuela a 3.5-hour flight, and Puerto Rico only a 2 hr 45 min flight.


These economies are experiencing harsh times. Based on reports from Fiscaltimes.com, the island of Puerto Rico is currently experiencing a level of debt that is approaching the levels of their annual economic output. More specifically, “Two government agencies have already defaulted on debts, and a $2 billion payment is due on July 1.”Considering the level of debt the island is experiencing, it is increasingly troublesome considering simple utilities such as power and water that are too expensive to afford. “The effects could be much worse if so many were not leaving and moving to Miami. Unemployment is over 12 percent and would be twice as high if so many Puerto Ricans hadn’t taken advantage of their U.S. citizenship and moved to the mainland to find work.”


A similar story is happening in the Northern parts of South America, specifically in Venezuela. As people are leaving Venezuela, many are ending up in Orlando, Florida. The Church is receiving these new additions to the community with open arms. Currently, the President of Venezuela has declared a state of emergency. In an interview with CBN, Pastor Gabriel Salguero at Iglesia El Calvario shares more about what is taking place. “About 400 families a month from Venezuela”. While they are arriving in Central Florida, families are experiencing expected trials as they are seeking work. Openings in the area are equally being sought after by the many Puerto Ricans that are arriving in the area as well. “About a 1000 families a month coming to Central Florida.” As Pastor Salguero continues, he shares the powerful perspective of this region of Florida, “Central Florida is a real HUB for Hispanic evangelicalism in the United States.” The growing tragedies of the areas within Venezuela are the lack of necessary supplies and medicine that it takes to sustain the people on an everyday basis.


The same story continues as people are fleeing El Salvador. With a special ABC News report from Nightline, we can see firsthand what is happening on the streets of El Salvador. Presently, it is the murder capital of the world. As ABC reports, “On average, there was nearly one homicide per hour there in the first three months of 2016.” As ABC’s Dan Harris rides along in a Police patrol, he is surrounded by heavily armed officers as they enter “a very dangerous place”, as said by one the very officers on the patrol. As the patrol then heads to a holding area of prisoners, the camera reveals the sense of claustrophobia in the air; he sees “169 men in four cells”. As Harris dialogues with some of the men crammed against the bars he asks one man “What does it say on your forehead?”He responds in Spanish, “666”. With a smile on his face, he continues, “The Devil”. These men are only supposed to be in these holding cells for 72 hours. One man has been there for an entire year. According to ABC News, it is these gangs that “are active in 46 states.”


While many would focus on the “natural reality” of these situations, the truth of the matter is that God is the answer. The people of these nations can only tolerate these situations for so long. It is only a matter of time before they seek new land, which is what is happening now. Presently, the Church is turning to political and conservative answers. We are called to go into these groups and share the love of Jesus Christ. When we look at the life of Paul, we see a picture of what we are called to do in our lives. While preaching the gospel, Paul was stoned and dragged outside the city he was preaching and left for dead. Acts 14:19 shares his tenacity, “But after the disciples had gathered around him, he got up and went back into the city.” It is difficult to love those in these realities, but it is this response that we are supposed to have. Our approval can never come from others, especially not from the religious ones. We must follow the heart of Jesus Christ and His will for our lives.

Hear the full report of what is taking place in Puerto Rico, El Salvador, and Venezuela, how the Church is responding in Orlando to the growing increase of families, how the Bible demonstrates how to love, and so much more. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. See original article HERE.



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