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Father’s Day 1995 The Lord Himself did a mighty work when He poured out His presence in Pensacola Florida during the Brownsville Revival that resulted in the nations being reached with mighty testimonies of His Glory and many coming to Salvation through Jesus Christ. Steve Hill was the Evangelist who labored alongside Pastor John Kilpatrick night after night as thousands of souls repented for their sins and wept in the sweet presence of Holy Spirit. Jeri, Steve’s wife was also there night after night responding to the call to grow ever closer to the Lord.

In a recent conversation, Jeri and Greg talk about the testimonies of the Lord and how the Lord is going to pour out His Spirit in a mighty way again. As Greg shares, the Lord has shown him the nations coming to the Gulf Coast, “The Glory Zone”. “Brownsville was small compared to what I saw”. People who are famous in their nations, were coming to the Gulf Coast just to operate a camera, capturing the Glory of God, willing to do the work of ministry.

As Jeri shares, she’s beginning to see that take place as she is involved with Christ For All Nations. Under the leadership of Daniel Kolenda, Boot Camp Evangelism is raising up Evangelists to go out to the nations. Jeri is involved in this ministry as well as one of their Evangelism Coaches. Daniel Kolenda is launching Nations Church in Orlando, FL. If you are in the Orlando area, it’s time to get connected. Jesus Image with Michael Koulianos is also reaching the nations for Jesus Christ with the Good News of the Gospel reaching out evangelizing. As Jeri explains, “they are letting Holy Spirit overtake them”. She continues, “when you let Holy Spirit overtake you, its letting Him change your mind, because we get our opinions from the world, and so if we get so full of the Word of God it’s changing our mind, it’s changing our will to God’s will, and it’s changing our emotion so that we are not depressed, cast down, beaten up, and discouraged…” This is how we are able to recognize what God is speaking, and how He is leading, “but we are all emotionally in tune with what God wants to do. He wants to be in charge of our mind, our will, and our emotions, our spirit man, and be victorious over the flesh.” Jeri continues to talk about how her relationship with the Lord has changed and developed the more she walks with the Lord, “I’ve been serving Him for 45 years now and it only gets more intense and more exciting. There’s nothing like it in this world.”  This is our only moment in time to do something for our Lord and King. This is our only opportunity to do something for God. It’s time to get in and to get involved in what God is doing. Jeri also talks about the ministry that she is involved in, Ryan’s Hope, named after her son who passed away. This ministry is directed towards helping men of all ages needing help in restoration.

This is the beauty of living a life dedicated to the Lord. Even after Steve Hill has gone to be with the Lord, there is still fruit multiplying for the Lord as people are continuing to be touched and reached. Steve has now gone on to be with his First Love, and Jeri continues to serve her First Love. This is our moment to do the same and live a sold-out life knowing that at any moment, our next breath, can be in eternity.

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