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Watch Full Show!  Listen!Greg and Pat share how they were doing all they could to raise money to sponsor more fatherless boys to be able to come to the Next Step Outback Father and Son Camping Trips. Not only do fatherless children not have fathers in their live, but they also often live in poverty because of their mother having only a single income to raise all her children.  One year, as a way to help raise money to sponsor more fatherless boys to be able to come, they decided to have a raffle.  They chose a large screen TV from their local Sam’s Club, who by the way were one of the sponsors for the Next Step Outback’s, and began their raffle.  Convicted to make sure what we were doing wasn’t or didn’t look like a lottery, Greg told the leadership, repeatedly, “This is not a lottery!”  Greg made sure that everyone on the team was aware, this is NOT a Lottery. As Greg was sharing about the Next Step Outback and the need to raise money for the fatherless, on a local television network, BLAB TV, the first thing that came out of Greg’s mouth on LIVE TV was, “We’re having a lottery.” It was a hilarious moment after all this buildup of him saying this is not a lottery!  God is and was faithful each year, for almost ten years, assuring we had an awesome encounter with fathers, sons, fatherless sons, and mentors at these events.  God would always show up with His glory presence and melt our hearts. You can see all those who attended standing in front of an 8,000 square foot tent that was called the “Tent of Meetings” where all came to meet our Father and our Father (God) came to meet us. Truly, it was a time of the hearts of the fathers turning to the hearts of the children and the hearts of the children turning to the hearts of the fathers.  You can find out more information about this memorable event at

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