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The Power of Gratitude in our Hearts expressed by Giving Thanks with our Tongues


In this exciting and encouraging conversation, Greg Lancaster sits down with longtime friend and brother in the Lord, Jack Hollis. Jack is such a transparent and humble man, that listening to him share about his life, his doesn’t waste time turning the attention to the Lord and His faithfulness. Jack talks about the importance of not just being grateful, but also living a life of continually giving thanks. We can’t stop at the mere moment of being grateful and having gratitude for those around us, we have to use our words to give thanks. As Jack expresses this important truth, “but until you give thanks; until it comes out of your mouth, it has no power. It’s nothing. They can’t benefit. You can’t benefit.” How many people are living their lives with a heart of gratitude but never allowing their tongue to express to the world around them the powerful words of thankfulness? Greg highlights the importance of expressing kind words to those around us because the devil will always capitalize on silence. “If you’re not talking, the devil is, and he’s not talking you up. You better say something quickly.” This is what living an abiding lifestyle with the Lord is all about. Imagine how powerful it would be to start your day every day by expressing your thankfulness to the Lord of all that He has done and is doing in your life? Greg continues, “we practice…a gratitude journal where it forces you to pause from your busy life, to dig around and see things that God did yesterday in your life, and give Him thanks for it.” The enemy is pressing down hard upon all of us each and every day. If we don’t take the time to stop and remember these important moments of how the Hand of the Lord is upon us, the devil will steal those important moments and memories from us.  



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