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Home » Humor Moment: The Dangers of Changing Your Eye Contact While Driving

Humor Moment: The Dangers of Changing Your Eye Contact While Driving


Have you ever had the luxury of enjoying a casual cruise in a travel destination part of the world? Every part of the cruise, from the food to the sights and entertainment is top notch. The interesting part of the living quarters on the cruise is that every time you leave your room someone is there to tidy up your room and place another interestingly folded towel in the shape of some random animal. This random folded and contorted towel-animal is exactly what Greg felt like when he was driving down the road and one of his contacts suddenly decided to contort itself into a folded towel-animal while it was still IN HIS EYE. Not exactly the best of scenarios to find yourself in while driving. Even after pulling off on the side of the side of the road to adjust his contact, he kept having problems with his contact lens! What’s the point of contact lenses anyways? Greg decides to simply take it out of his eye and flick it to the floor. NOW HE CAN’T SEE OUT OF ONE EYE! The realization suddenly dawns on Greg, I NEED THAT!!! TO SEE! Now he’s driving on the freeway with one eye squinted shut. All of this was taking place as he was headed towards a barbeque at the local sheriff’s office, as Greg was a former Escambia County Sherriff’s Deputy. Arriving at the barbeque, he is talking with the chief deputy exchanging a phone number. Suddenly Greg is reminded again of the importance of having BOTH contact lenses because he couldn’t even read his own phone to put the number in. He was so grateful that his nephew, friend and fellow officer, Patrick McGlothren, was able to be there at this crucial hilarious moment!


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