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Home » Humor Moment: Water Baptizing Alligators?

Humor Moment: Water Baptizing Alligators?


Greg Lancaster was recently able to sit down and share unforgettable moments with longtime friend, and brother in the Lord, Jack Hollisand talk about some of the exciting moments of walking with the Lord for more than 50 years. In this hilarious humor moment, Jack talks about a woman who had just given her life to the Lord, wanted to get water baptized that very day. That’s exactly what Jack did, as many people were gathered at night, at a local lake, to water baptize her. Being that it was dark out, they had car lined up, with their headlights turned towards the water, in order to be able to see. As Jack explains, this woman was so incredibly excited to talk about the joy of what the Lord was doing in her life, when something suddenly caught his attention. “I kind of cut my eyes down…into the water, and I see these two eyes and this nose, and there’s a gator right behind her, about 3 feet.” Needless to say, this young woman has no idea, as she is continuing on telling everyone present how good the Lord is. Jack decided to splash some water towards the gator, hoping to make it go away. Instead it just went down under, into the water, and out of sight. Jack responded instinctively, “I reached up right in the middle of our conversation, and grabbed her by the nose and the mouth”, and he suddenly immersed in the water, mid-sentence of her speaking. Coming back up out of the water she said, “I wasn’t through talking yet”. While all the people present could see the alligator that was mere feet away from her, she had no idea! Interestingly enough, this situation didn’t bother Jack a bit. “That lake was full of ‘em at night…he was coming to the light to see what was there.” 


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