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We Have to Impart the Holy Spirit to Others


In the 1960’s and 1970’s God poured out His Spirit in a mighty and powerful way during a sovereign move of God that was known as the Jesus Movement. It seemed as if overnight, suddenly God moved. God spoke to Greg Lancaster, “It’s going to be the 1970’s again”. That next week after receiving that word from the Lord, America pulled out of Afghanistan just like what took place in the 1970’s when America pulled out from Vietnam. It was a confirmation of the word of the Lord. Despite the things that took place in the negative, God was doing some amazingly awesome things! Many people were overcome by the presence of the Lord as Jesus Christ was being revealed to thousands upon thousands. Jack Hollis was one of those men and he recently sat down with Greg to talk about his exciting journey of walking with the Lord.

As Greg and Jack talk about the importance of the Holy Spirit in our lives, Jack points the incredibly importance of imparting the Holy Spirit to others, especially the next generation. “One of our major problems today is we are not… imparting the Holy Ghost to our youth, or our adults.” Jack continues the important point by asking this question, “when is the last time you went to a church and they preached on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues?” To talk about miracles and prophecies is not a bad thing, but if we leave out the Holy Spirit, then we are leaving out the most important role. He is the Spirit of the Lord Himself. How could we ever leave Him out of our daily conversations? Jack uses the analogy of an iceberg to emphasize his point. What is seen on top of the water is what people see, but it only a small portion of the iceberg itself. The majority of the iceberg is under the water, which is not seen by people. Greg points out how important the role of the Holy Spirit is in our churches are, that some have decided not to even acknowledge the Holy Spirit at all. He shares, “I think you’re seeing the dividing line is, you know, it’s not a political dividing line, it’s where the Church has left the Holy Spirit.” He continues to express, “we decided we could do it on our own, or we got fearful and began to develop committees.”


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