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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » 7 Steps to Breaking Soul Ties

7 Steps to Breaking Soul Ties

It’s time to be free from the “ties that bind”


“His own iniquities entrap the wicked man, and he is caught in the cords of his sin.”  Proverbs 5:22 NKJV

Beyond Repentance: The Persistence of Sinful Cords

Repentance is a fundamental step toward spiritual renewal, but it is essential to recognize that merely repenting of one’s sins might not free a person from the cords or ties that bind their soul to that particular sin. While seeking forgiveness is crucial, and God’s grace is boundless, there remains the possibility of being forgiven yet still entangled by the remnants of past transgressions. Like the ungodly soul ties emphasized in the seven-step guide, the remnants of sin can linger, acting as chains that tether one’s spirit, hindering true spiritual freedom. Therefore, while repentance is a start, it’s the comprehensive act of breaking, renouncing, and replacing these ties that truly liberates one from the shadows of past sins.

The Soul’s Renewal: Our Thoughts, Desires, and Emotions

Central to understanding the intricacies of soul ties is grasping the profound depths of the human soul itself. Our soul isn’t just an intangible essence; it encompasses our thoughts, desires, and feelings. The Apostle Paul, in Romans 12:1-2, urges believers to be transformed by the renewing of their minds. The word that is interpreted “mind” here comes from the word which means “soul”, emphasizing the importance of renewal not just our cognitive processes, but also our very core – our wishes, inclinations, and emotions. This transformative renewal is foundational. Just as breaking soul ties sets one on the path to spiritual freedom, renewing the soul ensures that we are not merely freed but also realigned, reshaped, and revitalized in accordance with God’s will. In this continuous journey of spiritual evolution, addressing and reconfiguring what we think, want, and feel becomes instrumental.

Family Ties 

Jesus emphasizes, in Matthew 10:32-39,  the importance of publicly acknowledging Him; those who do so will be recognized by Him in heaven, while those who deny Him will be denied before God. He clarifies that His mission isn’t to bring peace to the earth but rather division, even among family members. The division Jesus brings is not as one who divides, but as One who says you will have to choose sides. You are either for Him or against Him; you can’t be both. This is affirmed in scriptures like Matthew 6:24, Joshua 24:14-15, and 1 Kings 18:21. Allegiance to Jesus must be greater than even the closest family bonds. Followers must be prepared to face challenges (“take up their cross”) and be devoted to Him. There’s a paradox: prioritizing earthly life may lead to the loss of eternal life, but sacrificing life for Jesus leads to eternal salvation. This should help if you are wondering if there are certain family soul ties that you are to break, which keep you away from pure loyalty to Jesus.

7 Steps to Breaking Soul Ties

Vladimir Savchuk says, soul ties involve a connection or bond formed between two individuals that may either enhance or debilitate one’s spiritual, emotional, or physical state. Although some soul ties can be beneficial and God-ordained, like in marriages, there are many unhealthy and ungodly soul ties that can be formed unintentionally or intentionally. These are the ties we are focusing on. Here are seven practical steps on how to break these ungodly connections:

  1. Confess the Sinfulness of the Arrangement: Soul ties that emerge from sinful origins, such as acts of promiscuity or participation in witchcraft, must be recognized and repented for. If your bond was forged in a sinful circumstance, like a sinful relationship, it is imperative to confess and seek forgiveness from the Lord.
  2. Extend Forgiveness: If you’ve been subjected to a controlling bond where someone else dominated over you, forgiveness is crucial. Release your perpetrator into God’s hands and let go of the resentment, anger, or hurt. Holding onto bitterness only strengthens the tie, but forgiveness can sever it.
  3. Cut Off All Instruments of Connection: Any formal, tangible connections, like contracts, vows, or written promises, must be annulled and discarded. It’s about completely disconnecting and removing any link to the past bond.
  4. Renounce All Spiritual Contracts: Especially if you’ve been involved in ceremonies or rituals, it’s vital to renounce and break any spiritual agreements. Some affiliations, especially those akin to cults, can be deceptive and bind you spiritually. Ensure you sever those ties.
  5. Establish New, Healthy Associations: Once you’ve severed unhealthy ties, it’s essential to cultivate positive, godly relationships. This involves surrounding oneself with a new spiritual family, Christian friends, or even joining a new church that isn’t driven by manipulative practices.
  6. Discard All Physical and Visual Connections: Any reminders, be it gifts, photos, emails, or personal belongings that relate to the ungodly soul tie, should be removed from your life. This includes both tangible and intangible elements that could act as triggers.
  7. Declare Your Unfailing Bond with Your Savior: The most important step in breaking ungodly soul ties is strengthening your bond with God. Develop a more profound love, loyalty, and commitment to Him, ensuring your soul finds its utmost fulfillment in your relationship with your Savior.

In conclusion, breaking ungodly soul ties can be a journey, but it’s a necessary one for those seeking spiritual wholeness and freedom. With dedication, prayer, and guidance, you can sever these ties and build a more profound, enriching relationship with God. Remember, it’s not just about breaking the old ties but about forming new, healthy, godly bonds.

“Woe to those who draw iniquity with cords of vanity, and sin as if with a cart rope.” Isaiah 5:18 NKJV


7 Things We Learned About Breaking Soul Ties:

  1. Recognizing and Repenting: The first step in breaking a soul tie is acknowledging the sinfulness of the arrangement, especially if it was based on sinful actions such as promiscuity or witchcraft. This involves repenting for any sinful soul ties formed.
  2. The Power of Forgiveness: If someone has dominated or controlled you, creating an ungodly soul tie, forgiveness is crucial. This does not condone their behavior but frees you from their emotional and spiritual grip.
  3. Eliminating Physical Connections: To break free, you must eradicate all instruments of connection. This includes physical items like contracts, signed vows, or oaths that reinforce the ungodly soul tie.
  4. Renouncing Spiritual Agreements: Some soul ties are formed through spiritual rituals, ceremonies, or contracts. Especially in instances of cults or certain extreme religious groups, these need to be renounced and broken.
  5. Building New, Healthy Relationships: Once ungodly soul ties are broken, it’s important to establish new, healthy relationships. This could involve joining a new church, developing Christian friendships, or finding supportive communities.
  6. Disconnecting from the Past: Any objects or memories that serve as reminders of the past soul ties should be discarded. This includes photos, emails, gifts, and other mementos.
  7. Strengthening Your Bond with God: Ultimately, the goal is to establish an unfailing bond between your soul and your Savior. This renewed commitment to God provides a safeguard against forming harmful soul ties in the future.


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