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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » The Dawn of a Historic Revival: Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Biblical Prophecy

The Dawn of a Historic Revival: Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Biblical Prophecy

The Turning Tides in the Middle East


The winds of change have begun to sweep through the deserts of the Middle East. As Israel and Saudi Arabia inch closer to normalization, one cannot help but remember the weighty historical events that have paved the way. The establishment of Israel in 1948, the poignant reclaiming of Jerusalem in 1967, and the turbulent Yom Kippur War of 1973 were not just political shifts but heralded spiritual awakenings around the world. Could we be on the cusp of an event even more profound?

Israel’s Historical Footprint

Every landmark event in Israel’s timeline has resonated globally. The voice of healing post-1948, the charismatic renewal after 1967, and the genesis of global Christian television post-1973 are testaments to Israel’s spiritual ripple effect.

The Abraham Accord: A Beacon of Hope

The Abraham Accord, which envisions a harmonious Middle East, is a monumental endeavor. The prospective inclusion of Saudi Arabia could conclude the long-standing Israeli-Arab conflict, paving the way for an era of peace and collaboration. When Prime Minister Netanyahu hinted at a corridor linking India, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Europe at the UN, he wasn’t just talking logistics, but the mingling of cultures, economies, and spirits.

The Anticipated Spiritual Harvest

Benny Hinn foresees a revival, a blend of past spiritual awakenings, approaching swiftly. With Christian TV having laid the groundwork, the harvest of souls is imminent. The digital age, powered by the ubiquity of social media, has positioned evangelism to soar.

Witnesses to Miracles: Past and Future

Catherine Kuhlman’s prophecy, a world where every member of Christ’s body experiences healing, seems closer than ever. Benny Hinn’s personal interaction with Oral Roberts, who recounted miraculous healings in Jacksonville, 1952, invigorates the belief that such wonders are destined to occur again. Not just limited to renowned evangelists, these miracles will be the hallmark of ordinary believers worldwide.

Israel: The Spiritual Epicenter

The scriptures have always positioned Israel at the heart of spiritual reckonings. Benny Hinn, leaning into Deuteronomy, elucidates how events in Israel resonate spiritually worldwide. A time akin to the Israelites’ exodus and the days of apostles is anticipated, marked by salvation, healing, and prosperity.

Geopolitics and Divine Intervention

The prospective peace between Saudi Arabia and Israel isn’t just a political milestone. It aligns with prophecies in Ezekiel 38, foretelling peace in Israel followed by an invasion. However, with Saudi Arabia’s considerable influence in the Arab world, this peace initiative could even herald the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Revival Beyond Borders

Accounts of spiritual renewals in Egypt and anticipated awakenings in Lebanon and other parts of the Arab world signify a broader regional revival. This spiritual resurgence is seen as the world’s preparatory phase for Christ’s return, reminiscent of the ‘times of restitution’ detailed in the Book of Acts.

Conclusion: Embracing the Imminent Revival

Witnessing the Middle East’s transformations, especially in areas so deeply rooted in biblical history, is a privilege. As events unfold, believers are urged to ready themselves, for they might be the vessels God chooses to use in this grand spiritual revival.

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