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The Naked Communist

Has America already checked off the 'Communist Take Down' of our Nation?


The Naked Communist” is a 1958 book by author W. Cleon Skousen, which discusses the history and goals of communism. The book argues that communists have a long-term plan to infiltrate and subvert Western societies, and it describes their methods and tactics.  The book, has certainly had an impact on the American political landscape and has been cited by many conservatives as a key text in understanding the history and aims of communism.

These ten ways to subvert America, or Western Societies has already taken place in America:

The Naked Communist,” argues that communists use to subvert Western societies:

  • Infiltrating and gaining control of the media and cultural institutions.
  • Inflating the currency to create economic chaos.
  • Inducing breakdown of the family unit and promoting promiscuity.
  • Indoctrinating children through education and mass media.
  • Undermining patriotism and promoting internationalism.
  • Destroying religion and traditional moral values.
  • Promoting class warfare and stirring up resentments between different groups.
  • Discrediting traditional leaders and institutions.
  • Promoting a “peace movement” to disarm the military.
  • Controlling key political, legal, and cultural institutions.



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