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Prophetic Word: All American Airlines Grounded, Wings Severed; Economy Will Fall into the beast economy, Russia and our Economy & More,


Johnny and Georgette Foote, Prophet
Flame of Fire International

Prophet Word & Dream given by Johnny Foote the economy will fall into the beast economy, Russia will have influence over our economy.  Troubled times are coming…we have to be wise as serpents, gentle as doves…GOD IS AFTER THE HARVEST, HIS FATHER’S HEART!


Prophetic Word & Dream, by Johnny Foote

October 2008 Audio – Listen Now


Johnny Foote

A Prophetic Word for America


The Dream is this:  I’m on a military base.  The sun is shinning and a large cloud moves in covering us from the overhead.  The sound of screaming jets began to fly over (it would be like the Blue Angels, I mean we’re in a military town how they come screaming over the top of your heads).  As the covering shrouds the top (again it was the beginning; it was a sun shine day; everything looked good).  Black cloud comes and covers this base that I’m at.  Then the jets began to roar over head; and you can’t see anything that’s going on at this time.  What appears to be large missiles; they start falling and as they fall to the ground they begin sliding and they began stacking up; and they’re coming in from the air and as they hit the ground they begin to come both large and small.

As I look it clearly appears that these are American airliners.  These are American airliners and they are both small and large.  They are from the biggest, it’s not just American Airlines but I’m talking about every name that’s an American airliner, National; Delta; I mean it’s just all the different airliners have now have just stacked up.  Their wings have been severed.

When I see that the wings have been severed I hear things happen.  The wings have been severed and it’s only the fuselage that remains.  And I hear the word “Russia”.  I’ll say it again: I hear the word “Russia”.  And then thinking they now have the ability to attack us from the air.

I run inside the building.  It’s dark.  And every door that I go through (more than one) I feel that I’m going to run into a Russian soldier.

Some of the things that happened, I’m shaken in the dream like no other dream I’ve had.  I’ve had several dreams.  I started recording my dreams.  It was so vivid!  The sounds were so real!  I was shaken!  The realism was in such a way that God wanted to get a hold of my attention.  He wants to know “Do you have it?”  “Have you got it?”.

I’ve got a friend of mine, Ira Milligan, he’s written a dream book.  I’ve never called Ira before.  I called Ira; Ira I had a dream.  Ira tells me this after I told him the dream.  He said 20 years ago the Lord spoke to me of the same things that were coming.  Not just of this dream right there, but, it was two things.

One     The Lord spoke to me and said, “This is our economy.”  Ira now confirms that it’s going to be the fall of the economy.  Russia now has the ability to sever our economy.  There are things that Russia has.  Russia will be like a sleeping giant that will awaken.  You’re going to see it begin to stand up and in the days to come you’re going to begin to take notice.  You haven’t seen her for some time but she will take up.  It’s a time of wisdom.  It’s a time of preparation.  It’s time for the body of Christ to begin praying.

Jonah went and he began prophesying what was going to happen to Nineveh. The mercy of God began to come in and intervene.

Seven years ago in the year 2000 there was a fear coming that our nation would collapse.  Because computer-wise it looked like we didn’t have the ability to be literate in this arena.  Obviously it came and it went; but, for us there was a fear; a preparation.

Seven years ago, that was 2000.  We’re now in the seventh year.  As I spoke with Ira, this friend of mine, he said he heard on the TV (you know sometimes we have a listening ear and it’s interesting what the media will say) they said this has been seven years of unprecedented, of high times on which the stock market has been in a rally situation for seven years like no other time; it’s been a time.

In the years of Joseph there was a time of gathering; there was a time of plenty; there was a time of wisdom that when they began to gather for times that were coming ahead; times that they couldn’t see, but, God began to warn and He began to explain to them of seasons to come.  The king had a dream.  And there he didn’t understand it.  Joseph discerns the dream and yet he is called as a man who is raised up to hold the dream and yet he has also been given the wisdom.  The king looked.  Who has wisdom?  Who has the ability to carry this word?

The shift has taken place.  We’ve been hearing the word over the years; over this year; over this last year – shift – shift – shift – the Lord spoke to me; spoken to several people “in the land shift”.  And it’s becoming now common place – shift – shift.

The Lord spoke to me as He woke me up.  This has been several days and it’s about five days later.  He spoke to me.   I was lying in bed and I’m awakened and the Lord; the Lord, I don’t see Him.  I hear His word.  I’m awakened out of a sound sleep and He’s speaking to me!  As He’s speaking to me, my first thought is this:  “It’s the King of king and I’m lying in a bed; and you’re the King of all creation and let me at least get up!”

I go in a room and He is just dialoging.  It’s just relationship that we can have as children.  We can have a relationship, talking with God.  And I go in there and the Lord said, “Get the pin and paper and begin to write.”  And as I began to write as He began to speak it became 6 AM.   He began to speak to me.  He said:

Don’t buy bread that spoils.  Buy the bread that spoils not. My bread spoils not. Believe me for souls!  Deliverance comes when you thought not.  Prepare my bride.  Build my foundation!  Set my word upon your mouth.  Abide in Me.  The bread spoils for those who have not gathered.  Gather in the nations.

There’s going to be a time and a season of being wise.  There are two things that will happen.  One is the harvest and one is a time of preparation for days to come.

Sometimes God wants to whisper a word, challenge a people and yet, making them ready.  It’s like the velocity of a bullet.  You fire it and it is there immediately.  There’s sometimes God speaks a word it happens so quickly and if we weren’t prepared … it’s like, why didn’t you tell us?  The Lord is speaking!  I believe that you are going to begin hearing again.  The Lord not only warns, but, He shakes and He awakens.

As He begins to awaken us, it is very interesting even after these days that God’s awakening a number of people in the land saying, “It’s time to be wise!  It’s time to prepare!”  He said, “Be wise because your bread is as the grain to the nation.  Believe!  For the harvest is at hand!  Generalize not, but, prepare as you would prepare for a storm.  Gather in My wheat.  Divide not the land.  I will provide for you.  Build it not upon this ground.  Build it upon the house.”

There are some things God is speaking to me personally about, but, there is another word that He inserts.  In the midst of this word He inserts this word on this date He says, “Build it not”.  I had asked Him a question about a personal thing and them He speaks a number – 7, 7th, 70th ; I had no recollection of what this meant.  But, I do now.  I have an understanding of the date and the time and the season that is coming at hand.

He said, “Awaken now for my fields are ready.  Behave wisely.”  Again, using the same analogy He says, “Bread spoils, grain sleeps.  Buy wisely!  Build my ground up!  Tell her I come!  Dig my wells of water!  I will provide you with wisdom.  Purchase wisely.  The ant gathers in summer.  Prepare for going and coming.  Depend upon me; souls parish not that are purchased by me.”

It’s a time, I believe again if we don’t look; God is strategizing with man.  He warns!  The Lord speaks often times about the watchman; that if he had watched then his good would not have been spoiled when the thief came.  But, if he watched, he was prepared.

He goes on to say, “Your economy will fall down and will follow the beast economy.  Your economy will fall down and will follow the beast economy.  Be wise; provide wisdom; gather in mercy; gather in harvest.”

There were some personal things the Lord began to speak to me, literally about trees.  You know when the Lord speaks to us, seriously, I’m going to ask Him questions, “God, what do I do?”  I ‘m talking about natural; your telling me about things to come; what should I do?

And He began to interchange with me again.  He said, I’ve given you wisdom; I’ve given you the Spirit of Wisdom on what to do.  I mean, I’m asking Him about houses; I’m asking about land and say, “What do we do God?  What do we do?  What does my household do?  Because, when a storm comes I want to be wise.  You know when these hurricanes come we didn’t used to listen to them.  I’d blow them off.  I was born and raised here in Pensacola, FL and we’ve had a number of hurricanes.  I’ve had them knock on our door; we’ve had water up to our doorsteps before.  But, when Ivan came, I mean, it made us a believer!  We were homeless for two weeks and we lost our house.  It was like, “Hello!”

We talk about it (the storm), but, when we begin to see it …

And then, within a year we’re watching our neighbors in Mississippi and in New Orleans – I mean we’re talking about cities being rearranged; lands being changed.  Now, when they say prepare, I tell you what!  Pensacola, Mississippi, New Orleans; we prepare!  We will gather water; we’ll have gasoline; we’re going to have generators; we’re going to have food in stock; we’re going to have toiletries; because you’ve gone through a storm.  God prepared us, but, some of us had to go through it to be a little bit more savvy to recognize it.  If the Lord says begin wisely to prepare like you’re preparing for a storm, I’m asking Him questions.  Like, what do I do?  That’s where I’m at.  What do I do?  He told me, I want you to buy trees; quality trees that bear quality fruit.

He didn’t give me a time.  Let me give you peace.  He did not tell me a time what was coming.  He didn’t tell me.  He told me, begin to gather; be wise.  You know, I’m not freaking out; I’m not running out; I don’t have it all together.  It’s like “Help me Lord!”  But, He said literally, I want you to be a steward of what I’ve given you.  Begin buying trees.  I went out and I bought all the fruit trees I could find.  I bought pecan trees.  I bought trees that will bear fruit.

Am I afraid?  No, I’m not afraid.  Am I stupid?  Well, you decide.  If the day comes just be wise.  For my household, if there is bread, we eat!  This is not the only dream I’ve had.  I’ve had several dreams about things to happen; about things to come.

Years ago the Lord gave me a dream.  I recognize that dreams are given and given for a purpose.  We can look back in the word of God in the times of Joseph when Joseph had to flee.  He fled with Mary that he was awakened and spoken to in a dream.  God still speaks today in dreams.  He speaks through prophets.  He speaks mainly through the word of God.

He has not held back the word.  We have relationship with God.  He says, my sheep hear my voice.  If we’re going to listen then we’ve got to sit and listen.  Sometimes it’s like, how can we hear?  But, it takes a discipline.  Sit before the Lord.  Lord, I want to hear.  You’ve got to ask to receive.

In one of the dreams I had years ago we were in a compound.  Our house was in a compound.  In the compound it was a fenced type facility.  We had people that were living amongst us.  There were two that were going out.  They were going out on the interstate.  I warned them before they left.  I said, don’t stop for anything.  Lady is driving down the road.  She’s over our group.  She stops.  There is a body laying on the interstate; laying out.  She stops to gather, to see what’s there for help.  She’s accosted!  She’s taken away!  Right there, she was entrapped!

There are things that are coming and we’ve got to be wise.  You’ve got to be wise as serpents; harmless as doves.  Okay?  We’ve got to be wiser this day than ever before.  You’ve got to have the Word inside of you.  If you’ve got inside of you … You’ve got to have wisdom.  Not just wisdom; we also need discernment!  We also need to know, God, what are you saying for the time?

In this same dream we had people coming to this compound.  They were hungry.  They were lined up and I had an apple.  That’s all I had was an apple to cut and divide to feed the people.  Does that scare me?  No.  It’s something that I believe God is telling us.  He said, if you’ll be wise in the season; the ant gathers in the summer to prepare for the winter.  We look in Proverbs for what is wisdom.  What am I doing personally right there?  Well, all my gas cans are filled up.  Am I going to loose anything?  Well I bought it in New Orleans when I was over there.  I bought it for $2.75.  It is now $3-something.  You know what I’m saying?  It’s like “Hello”!  That’s okay.  I’m not going to loose anything.  Yet, I want to be a good steward.  I want to be a little wiser than I’ve been before if God’s saying wake up.  What am I going to loose?  The Bible says, without faith it’s impossible to please God.  I believe that I heard the Lord as well as I hear the Lord.  Can I miss it?  Absolutely, I can miss it.  I’m a flesh man.  We’re fallible.  I can make mistakes.  But, I’d rather err on warning or preparing; declaring what I sense the Lord saying and stand up and say well, it didn’t come, praise God!  But, if it did come and the people were ones that began to build an ark and said that the rains are coming and they didn’t believe it but there’s one man out there building an ark; he’s radical; he’s nuts, you know?  You see that guy Noah?  He’s nuts man.  He’s out there building.  He said that there’s rain coming.  What is rain?  I don’t know!

But, he’s still hammering over there.  Look at that thing.  Man, the guy is absolutely crazy.  But, when the rains came they ran and tried to get on the boat with him.  God had a “wise time”.  He had a man who would listen and a man who would gather for the purpose of the time.  It was for preservation.  You know, we are of that same seed.  We’re of a seed that was preserved from a flood.  Hello?  Praise God!

The storms that are coming, He says, take my wisdom; gather my flocks.  And He begins to tell me about the flocks.  There are things again that He’s speaking personally to me about “don’t divide the flocks”.  That there’s inheritance; there are things to come.

When I was talking to Ira, I love this one word he said, I’m not talking about a get rich thing, he said, he would ask his dad because 20 years ago the Lord spoke to him about this – Ira said that his parents told him that during the fall of the depression (many of your parents went through the depression times) – he said, during the depression anyone who had money; money was king!  Money was king.  We don’t worship money, but, it was people who were wise and they were able to be able to take it out.  They were able to move it.  When Vietnam fell, this is an interesting thing, the ones that were wise that prepared when they knew that the falling of their economy [was coming].  Their paper money fell in a moment.  The paper had no more worth.  But, those that began to gather in gold, they had things.  Now, please hear me.  I’m not telling you to go buy, go gather for gold or to sell everything you’ve got to go be a hermit up on a mountain.

The harvest is at hand!  That’s number one; the heart of God!  In storms, there is preparation for the storms.  God prepares His people.  When Israel was coming out of slavery, God prepared them.  They went through partial storms.  They went through partial plagues.  And then God pulled them back into a place of preservation where the plagues didn’t touch them.  God’s wise!  He’s all knowing; He’s all seeing!  And He loves His kids!  He loves us enough.  He loves us enough to chastise us.

I don’t mind getting out there on the edge a little bit.  I don’t mind getting out there, because I’d rather be one that said “God said” there’s a storm coming and it didn’t come; but, I’d rather be the one that says it came and it did come.  Like Jonah, bring the storm God and prove that the word was right.  But, your heart says, God, please don’t let this storm come.  I believe again that as we begin to pray “God, have mercy on our economy” but, not just our economy but that we’d be wise.  And that we might prepare for the harvest.  That’s His heart number one.  Storms in the nations bring the greatest harvest that you’ll ever see in your life.

I mean the harvest is at hand; that’s what He’s after.  He’s after that more than anything.  It’s the love of the Father.  His son didn’t die in vain.  John the Baptist went ahead.  He was a forerunner and as a forerunner he is prepared.  John’s prepared for the harvest and when the Son of Man came on the scene right there; it was the Son of Man; it was the preparation for a gathering of a company of people.

Let’s pray:  Lord Jesus, I thank you for your promise and I thank you for your peace.  When the disciples were in the storm and they feared for their lives they awakened you; they cried out “don’t you care for our lives?”  You awakened; you arose; you declared to the storm; you declared to the wind; you declared to the seas.  You said to the seas, “Peace!  Be still!” And there was a peace.  A peace that set on this; what manner of man is this?  For, there had never been a man like this who had spoken to the elements as you have.  As you raise up a generation in this hour that’s prepared; prepare us.  I ask you Father, that you prepare us with wisdom; that you prepare us, Lord God, as a people that follow you; a generation that is wise; that our nets would be prepared like never before; that we’d ask you, Father, make us ready for you said the fields are white.  You said, “Think not that there are four months yet until the harvest for the harvest is upon you.”  Father, as your word says, it’s upon us.  Help us now, not just to rely on someone else to catch for us, but that we might enter in to the harvest.  You said that we might pray for laborers to be in the field and I ask Father, even from this group tonight.  I ask for an impartation and a gathering from this group of people tonight.  Father, that you would not only stir them, but, that you would even prompt them by the Holy Ghost.  I as Might God in heaven that you would cause them to move like never before, for you took an army of Gideon; you shrunk it from the thousands; a man that was able to gather thousands you shrunk it down to the hundreds; and you took that which was even in the small amount to even see a nation turned about.  Father, I ask tonight that you would turn our nation back to righteousness.  I ask that you’d forgive us Father, of our sins as a nation.  I ask Holy Father in heaven that you would even turn your eyes back upon us; that even our president might arise and rally in this day like never before.  Father, I pray the he would stand and declare that he would govern in righteousness; that he would not fear man; that he would fear God; a man that would honor God and fear you in all that he does.  Father, I ask that you would prevail that in the balance where we’ve lacked I ask that you would shift us that you would bring us into balance; for you said that an unjust weight is an abomination to God.  Lord, forgive us for being an abomination; a nation that has sought other gods as baal was sought.  Father, we ask again for the repairing of the alters.  I pray for my generation and I pray for my younger generation.  I pray for my brothers and my sisters both older and younger that we might arise and that we might assemble together; that we might come together as one man and begin to assemble the alter back together.  Father, raise up a standard; raise up a generation that will come, provoked by the Spirit of God this day; this night!  By your Spirit in Jesus’ name!

If the Lord is stirring you tonight I want to pray for you.  I want to pray for you individually.  I want to ask for the Lord’s impartation.  I believe that God is going to impart in these days to come; as we begin meeting in different cities; I believe the Lord is shifting my attention, and saying that there is a time of impartation for those who desire to harvest; those that will gather in My name; that you’d come and you’d gather.  I believe that God is going to provoke us in such a manner that we were ready; that when the well were dug it was a different generation; it was a different hour.

Isaac began to dig the wells it was a different time.  He had to fight his father’s battles; but, he had to fight his own so he had to dig his own wells.  There is a time and a season when we are re-digging the wells.  And God’s called this generation to stand up.  When he gave us a date of gathering and there’s a brother that’s gathering up in Nashville we see one man begin to gather, I’m telling you, it’s not just one man; there’s a shift coming in the nation that men and women along the coast line; in the mountains regions; in the east coast to the west coast; they will begin gathering in certain places.  They will begin gathering; seeking the face of God.  Being a part of that; this is my generation; this is my inheritance, because, like a runner whose going to pass the mantle; whose going to pass the baton?  Somebody got to pass the baton so the next runner can run the next leg!  I can only run so far.  We’ve got to have more!  Jesus raised up twelve men that would run a race and we are part of that inheritance.  Those twelve are part of our lineage!  These men; these men had the caliber and they had the substance to stand in the midst of all opposition to declare that Jesus Christ is Lord!  He’s arisen!  And even it cost them their lives.  And will it cost you your life?  Yes!  It will!  It will cost many their lives just to stand, but, God says, “I’ll raise up and I’ll even take the foolish things of this world to confound the wisdom of the wise.”  I’m telling God is raising up a people that will stand and be bold for God!  And if that’s on you, if that’s on your heart then come up here right now.  I want to lay hands on you and I want to ask for the Lord’s impartation upon you.  Again we ask you just to come.


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