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Guy Fawkes Mask, Prophetic Dream, Occupy Wall Street


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FIRST VFN Radio Broadcast on Guy Fawkes Mask

June 26, 2012 VFNRadio Broadcast
Here is the prophetic Dream:  


January 27, 2012
In the dream I was in large, upstairs room that was jammed full of people.  It seemed to be like a bar room type setting with a large wooden bar in the middle of the room and there was a bartender behind the bar.  It seemed like all the people in this room were waiting on a cruise ship.  Everyone was given a clear, latex mask that, when worn, conformed to the face and looked like the face of the bartender.  It was an odd mask which seemed to morph to your face and become a part of your skin.  We were all told to hold onto the mask because it would be very important to us in the future.
At that point, the large group was rounded up and walked to a loading dock area for the cruise.  The bartender also came along, and since it was a pretty long walk, he began talking to me and others in an overly friendly manner and seemed to be trying to get acquainted with everyone. 
I don’t remember specifics on the cruise, but by the end of it, the bartender had become friends with a lot of the group.  The large group of people were then herded right back to the bar where the bartender started serving drinks to all.  We were then all told to get our masks ready and place them next to us on the tables or bar. 
Then we were told that we had to go through a series of tests, and that we should put the masks on.  I found my mask to be missing and saw that the bartender had taken it back and was wearing it himself.  He then began mocking me and berating me in front of others, and I remember thinking I was glad I didn’t wear that mask.  I remember thinking of his attempts to be friendly with everyone as a charade and from that point forward I began to call him ‘the deceiver.’  I had an overwhelming dislike for him immediately, and would have liked to throttle him, but he was protected behind the bar.  Everyone put on their masks and it cleaved to their skin and they all took the image of the bartender.
At this point, we were all herded off the tests (I was the only one without a mask).  I felt very separated from the group, as if I was a voyeur of this part of the dream.  These tests turned out to be a series of carnival games and rides, like a merry-go-round and fun house.  There was a series of these rides but can’t remember the number.
At some point, I walked into one of these areas, which resembled a windowed, box car where people sat to rest.  [A minister I know] was sitting on a bench and he had a tiny baby swaddled and held up against his chest.  He also was sitting right next to the bartender, who seemed to be trying to worm his way into conversation with [him].  I was so angry when I saw him trying to deceive [this minister I knew] that I took up a wooden chair and swung it at and clobbered the bartender.  The chair broke into a million pieces and it definitely hurt the bartender, but did not seem to affect [him]or the baby at all.
Suddenly, I was in one of the tests/rides watching the people who were just going about their business like drones – in and out of the rides.  All of a sudden, the electricity everywhere- all over the world – went out all at the same time.  I knew that most of the group had not completed all the tests, but no one seemed to know what to do without the electricity.  Everyone just stopped and stared at each other in apathy.  With a herd mentality, it seemed like everyone was just lost.
It was like I somehow equated that these tests were end time things and after they were done, the end would come.  Then the dream ended.


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