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Home » 10 Surprising Facts About Google You Might Want to Know

10 Surprising Facts About Google You Might Want to Know


LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat and John share about a video that is on the VFN Torch that shows you 10 things about Google you might not have known.  Two of those ten things are Google’s founders have no problem letting the world know they attended a burning man event in the Nevada desert and that their first doodle that is around the Google logo was the burning man himself; a stick man.

Google’s First Doodle was the burning man

Here is Google telling you about it

Odds are you probably visit Google or use one of its services or products everyday. It is the world’s most popular search engine. It is so popular that the very name has become a verb for searching — “Googled”. Can other search engines say that?

But there might be things you still don’t know about Google. The AllTime10s YouTube channel has pulled together 10 Surprising Facts About Google.

What are some of them? We wont’ spoil it but #10 details how much theoretical ad space would cost on the Juggernaut’s front page; #9 explains the origin of the name; and #7 shows what it uses to cut its grass (hint: it’s an animal).

Watch, here is all 10

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