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Syria Leader Killed, President’s brother-in-law

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LISTEN NOW! Greg shares in God’s News Behind the News about it just being reported that the military leader of the Syrian government was just killed by a suicide bomber, the Muslim Brotherhood leading this attack and how this affects Israel.  



Massive Bomb Strikes at Assad’s Inner Circle 


BEIRUT—Three top military and security leaders in the Syrian regime including President Bashar al-Assad’s brother-in-law and the defense minister were killed in a bombing in Damascus on Wednesday in the biggest blow to the country’s rulers since the start of the uprising.

State television said Mr. Shawkat, Defense Minister Maj. Gen. Dawood Rajha and Hassan Turkmani, an assistant to the vice president and the former defense minister, had died in a bombing in Damascus.
The three were killed in an attack against the so-called national security building in the capital’s Rawda Square, while they and other senior security and defense leaders were meeting inside. MORE

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