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Israel Prepares for War, President Obama Defends Islam

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LISTEN NOW! Israel prepares for war, distributing gas masks at their shopping malls to their citizens as Syria with the largest supply of chemical weapons that will soon be in the hands of an unknown group and President Obama declares ‘It is my job as the President of the United States to fight against any negative stereotype of Islam wherever it is.’  Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood 101 who is surrounding Israel as it’s taking over each nation one by one.  God’s News Behind the News. 

JERUSALEM, Israel — Syria admitted for the first time recently it has chemical weapons and may use them against outside forces.
Fears that those weapons could fall into terrorist hands or that jihadists could infiltrate Israel’s border with Syria has the Jewish state on high alert.
Israeli authorities are quietly stepping up distribution of gas masks at malls and other public places. By the end of the year, the army estimates another half million gas masks will be distributed — an average of more than 80,000 a month. MORE



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